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LukeRoz Nov 27, 13 12:13 pm

Hilton Honeymoon
Due to the ease of acquiring HHonors points through multiple cc bonuses, my fiance and I have decided to stay at a Hilton property for our Honeymoon. I would like to get some input on the best 'bang for your buck' on Hilton properties...

We have looked at Hilton Arcadia Phuket, Hilton Curacao Resort, and the Barbados Hilton (to name a few).

Any help would be appreciated. Also, a quick strategy of cards to achieve about a week or so at selected location would be awesome as well........

Thanks ahead of time!

jwill Nov 27, 13 3:28 pm

re: The Hilton Property in Curacao
In 2011, I was cautioned by a business associate in Hilton Corp to not have my honeymoon at the Hilton Curacao. That conversation was in June 2011. The property needed tremendous work at the time and wasn't up to Hilton standards. That's how it was phrased to me, and the tripadvisor reviews at the time supported that decision.

If they have renovated since then...great. If not, you might consider elsewhere.

I did honeymoon in Curacao, but I didn't use points. It's a tremendous island. The only weird thing is that the great beaches aren't at most of the great resorts. It's a bit of a drive to the beaches. But I would go back to Curacao in a heartbeat. We had a destination wedding there and were hitched at Fort Amsterdam. Great, great experience.

Klein is the deserted island off the coast which has amazing snorkling. Lots of great white sand beaches and snorkeling. Food is above average for the Carribbean. Below Aruba (aruba is best I've had)....above St Kitts and comparable...but not quite as nice as San Juan.

AnthonyF1227 Dec 6, 13 9:34 am

There's an old honeymoon thread here:

It may give you some ideas. Unfortunately, there haven't been any posts in it for quite some time (and none post-devaluation). Right now I'm looking at Hilton Los Cabos since it's probably the best bang for your buck in terms of points. You can get a standard room for 32K per night if you use the 4+1 nights thing. During 2013 they also had suites going for 40K points per night, but I haven't seen that for 2014 (yet).

Sweet Willie Dec 6, 13 10:03 am

Originally Posted by LukeRoz (Post 21864281)
Any help would be appreciated.

details on you & spouse would be nice, what do you like to do on vaca? Active/activities oriented or passive/lay around? Culture? Food? Urban/rural/resort? looking for particular climate? etc etc

To simply base your honeymoon destination on which Hilton gives best bang for the buck doesn't seem very wise (IMO).

LukeRoz Dec 11, 13 11:22 am

Good suggestion Sweet Willie....we would like to do outdoor activities (kayaking, hiking, fishing, etc) as well as a good share of laying around by a beach/pool. We love trying different food and experiencing different cultures. We want to stay somewhere warm/hot and definitely more rural or resort (don't necessarily want all the big city bustle)...

Thanks again!

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