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No summary of stays/nights shown with account

No summary of stays/nights shown with account

Old Jan 15, 13, 8:30 pm
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No summary of stays/nights shown with account

If this has been reported, I apologize.
Until recently, whenever I brought up my account on the Hilton website, it showed the number of stays and nights I have in the current year. Thus, you could easily calculate how many stays/nights you need to retain Gold or Diamond status. This info is no longer available. I emailed HHonors and asked where I could find this info, and they replied it is no longer provided. So you have keep your own running total. This is very user unfriendly!
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Old Jan 15, 13, 9:03 pm
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Originally Posted by cordelli View Post
Seriously, you don't know how many stays or nights you have had in the last two weeks?
I would ignore the pissy response. IMHO I don't think it is an unreasonable concern. It should be displayed on the website. I know if I'm traveling for 2 or 3 weeks, staying at multiple hotels, catching flights every other day, etc., I may also lose track.

I do believe that Hilton should show this information and find a way to put it back on their substandard website. Why can't they? Marriott does a very good job of it (by the way).
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Old Jan 15, 13, 10:05 pm
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Im sure they will bring it back. As Cordelli stated, the website is being updated to reflect the new changes. Requal. for tier status doesn't expire or update until March 31 anyway.
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Old Jan 16, 13, 9:04 am
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I am mad as I signed up for a 90 day challenge and have net th
E days and disnt get gold. The lack of a bar after 15 days is a joke.
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Old Jan 16, 13, 11:01 am
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Originally Posted by cordelli View Post
It's two weeks into the year, how can you not know your count? If it was the last week of December that would be a totally different issue.

As discussed previously, Hilton has acknowledged the problem and says they are working to fix it.

Starting threads over and over again because something I can't possibly conceive of somebody needing right now, two weeks into the year, considering they are already working to fix it, is childish. It's Hilton, everybody knows their website has issues, just give them time to resolve it.

If that makes me pissy so be it, but just give them some time to fix what they have already said they are fixing.

If they don't fix it, if as posted it's not coming back, at least you know at the beginning of the year and can keep track if you were not keeping track in the past.
Hilton's count. People check to see if things have posted properly.

Two weeks is a long time for a corporation to spend on fixing a simple website issue, IMO.

What's pissy and childish is your need to be snarky to people seeking information on what is important to them. People prefer camaraderie on social sites. You don't see a need for the Hilton graph or website. Great. OP does, great.
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Old Jan 16, 13, 8:09 pm
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I am not even sure if I want to jump into this pot, this late. But I also miss the yearly tally. Why should I have to keep track of it, it was a small function that I used (along with many others), and now it's gone.

The OP original point was valid. I thought I remember seeing something about it coming down at the end of the year, and coming back later (but that may have been the UA site). Any way, come Nov/Dec I am going to have to figure it out on my own.

HookEm, I agree with you (for whatever it's worth!).
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Old Jan 16, 13, 9:34 pm
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So HH really said they are not going to add the stay tracking ticker? That's absurd. My Marriott stays are calculated on their website. My choice stays are calculated on their site. My airline miles/ flights are calculated on their sites. Heck even my bank and credit cards tally my totals so I can recocile them.
Do HH and FT members really expect us to keep track of them?
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Old Jan 16, 13, 9:39 pm
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This is what I see...

HHonors tier qualification criteria have changed. We are in the process of updating the Elite Status Progress Bar to reflect the changes.
What's the problem with that?
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Old Jan 17, 13, 12:37 pm
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If you look at My Account they do have a list of Past Stays in chronological order (most recent at the top.) So I can quickly see that I have 4 stays so far this year. This doesn't tell me which ones officially count of course. I do hope that they'll bring back the official count including # of nights when they get around to it.
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Old Jan 17, 13, 12:42 pm
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tone it down, everyone

Let's keep this thread for helpful info or questions, OK?



co Mod HH
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Old Jan 18, 13, 2:33 am
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status bar is back now
The double stays credit seems to be working also
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Old Jan 18, 13, 7:07 am
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Originally Posted by stanontour View Post
status bar is back now
The double stays credit seems to be working also
Status bar and the days/stays total is right under the status bar. The status bar shows the method which gives the best result, but you can click on the other two to see where they are on the bar. Seems to be a nice fix, if the numbers are accurate.
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Old Jan 18, 13, 7:37 am
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Thanks for letting us know.
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Old Jan 18, 13, 8:09 am
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Originally Posted by InkUnderNails View Post
Seems to be a nice fix, if the numbers are accurate.
It's accurate :-) Checked it today against actual stays.

Am already silver as well for this year....!
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Old Jan 18, 13, 9:42 am
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The tracker has reappeared and has me listed as 5 stays, 12 nights, silver- the 5 is interesting as one was a reward stay (free night from the UK HHonors card) which I assumed wouldn't count. I'd also signed up for the MVP fast track to gold, which doesn't seem to have worked, sadly.

However, it claims I can "Reach GOLD this year with 4 more stays or 9 more nights", which is rather easier than the 15 stays / 28 nights I'd need for the new levels, so I've no idea what's going on...
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