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DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel London - Tower of London {GBR}

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel London - Tower of London {GBR}

Old Apr 9, 12, 8:54 pm
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DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel London - Tower of London {GBR}

I'll be staying at the Doubletree Tower of London this weekend. I was planning on doing laundry there, but I just happened to ask the clerk on the phone what it cost today, and I couldn't believe it. Nearly 8 pounds to wash each t-shirt! Nearly 4 pounds PER PAIR of underwear! Yikes! At those prices, I could just buy all new clothes for pennies on the dollar!

Is there anywhere nearby to get clothes washed?


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Old Apr 9, 12, 9:02 pm
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Checked these for closeness to your property, not much luck - I would ask at the hotel and businesses appealing to the public nearby (locally employed employees).

Near the Design Museum, however, is Laundry Box, 1 Shad Thames, London SE1 2PN; 020 7403 0808, 1.3 miles, south on Tower Bridge road, then east (your left as you care coming southward across the Thames). You are most likely looking for a "wash and fold" or "self service laundry" in the UK, iirc.

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Old Apr 9, 12, 9:25 pm
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There's a dry cleaner pretty much across the street (not sure if that's what you were looking for)

Fenchurch Shoe Care
35 Crutched Friars, The City EC3N 2AE, United Kingdom 196 ft NW
+44 20 7265 1991 ‎

It's one of those shoe care, key cutters, dry cleaners.

No clue about their pricing though.
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Old Apr 10, 12, 2:38 am
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Thanks, folks. I just called Fenchurch Shoe Care -- great tip. They do have laundry, but it's 2-day service. (They also do dry cleaning as mentioned above, but I really need laundry.) However, it sounded like might have been able to swing same day service until I said I'd have to drop off Sat or Sun. They are only open Mon-Fri (8am-5pm or so, IIRC), and he didn't have any other suggestions.


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I will be staying at the same property over the weekend of the 20th and I, too was interested in doing laundry there. Yesterday I e-mailed Doubltree for the rates at Tower of London and their reply this morning is that there is no laundry service at that property. I guess 8 pounds per t-shirt is the same as no laundry service -- for me.
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try these guys: http://www.2busy2clean.co.uk/
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There is a launderette at 156 Long Lane, City of London SE1
+44 20 7403 9259
We used it when staying at the Tower Bridge Hilton - the front desk at the hotel referred us to there. (don't worry about asking for a launderette at the front desk, both Tower Bridge Hilton and CDG Paris were very helpful for this). It may be a bit far from where you are staying. You can drop your clothes off and they will wash (a "service wash") or you can do them yourself like you would in a U.S. laundromat.
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Arrow DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel London - Tower of London

Doubletree Hilton Tower of London Trip Reports and Reviews

Port of london Authority Building by BA_pics, on Flickr

Not seen a thread on this hotel yet so MOD's please merge if there is indeed a dedicated thread for this hotel already.

I recently stayed here for two nights having booked two rooms (one on points and one with cash) and thought I would give feedback for others considering this relatively new rebranded hotel.

Queen Bed by BA_pics, on Flickr

Floor Plan 9th Floor by BA_pics, on Flickr

Entrance by BA_pics, on Flickr


Generally there seems to be availability when other nearby Hilton hotels are too expensive or are booked out. The pricing can vary significantly though so do check other hotels to ensure you are getting a good deal. (for example, when I booked the DT was cheaper than the Hilton Tower Bridge…but two weeks out from the stay a friend decided to come along and the nearby Hilton was actually cheaper at that time!)

Room on points was 40k for a night for a basic double room. This was upgraded at check in to an executive floor room with free breakfast, wifi and mini bar.

Room booked with cash was also a basic refundable rate for a double room and was upgraded to an executive floor room with the same amenities as the points room.

Overall, good value for money and I'm very happy they upgraded both rooms to exec floor as a diamond over New Years when the hotel was full. ^


View right from window of 931 by BA_pics, on Flickr

Seems it should be as accessible as the Hilton Tower Bridge but in reality it isn't…although not a show stopper, I would prefer the Hilton Tower Bridge every time for several reasons. However, you can get here via the tube station Tower Hill (using the Circle or District line) but beware that it just seems a bit further out and there are not as many sights within walking distance as other Hilton chain hotels in my opinion. You can of course walk over the Tower Bridge or get to the locations using the tube (or cab) but as mentioned just a slight bit more trouble or longer than other locations in my opinion…however, it is in a very clean and quiet area if that is important to you.

The hotel is close to the tube station though so you only have to go about 200 m from the station to the hotel entrance and the streets here are not as busy with good sidewalks so friendly for push carriages or suitcases (once you get up the stairs at the tube station).

The views are decent from the hotel and the sky lounge bar on the roof which is a plus if you can get a higher floor.

Check In:

The hotel is generally quite busy due to the lower price or lower point threshold for a London hotel so most of the check in desks were busy while we were coming or going…however, they do keep a few people out front so that most times there were 3-4 people about to help if needed.

The check in desks are a long line along the right hand side as you come into the hotel with the lobby and bar to the left. There is a bright airy feeling to the lobby and the roof is a glass sky light so does let in more light.

There is a dedicated HHonors desk and we managed to get served quickly at a normal desk even with several people trying to check in at the same time. ^

The staff were always very friendly, knowledgeable and polite…trying to help and ensure you were happy and on your way quickly.

One room was ready right away when we checked in at 12 noon and the desk clerk assured us the other would be ready shortly but were were happy to simply get the one room and then go out and explore to come back later and get the second room then.

We were given our cookies and welcome letter which also serves as a drinks voucher for the lobby bar as there is no executive lounge here. (a new letter was put in the room each day as well so at least providing one drink a day).

The elevators are behind check in to the right down a corridor with the main restaurant to the back and left of the check in area.

The rooms:

Wardrobe by BA_pics, on Flickr

Both rooms were identical and the hotel did take my preferences into account as we had rooms away from the elevator.

Desk area by BA_pics, on Flickr

The rooms were an okay size and quite similar to the London Westminster rooms I had also stayed at recently.

The bathrooms are fairly small and only suited for one person at a time. You would likely not get a third stow away bed into the room so if there are more than two of you…you will need an extra room.

Bathroom by BA_pics, on Flickr

Shower by BA_pics, on Flickr

Sink by BA_pics, on Flickr

Internet is available on the provided iMac computer / TV in the room or via wifi by logging in with your name and room number. The speed was fine and even when fully booked I never noticed any speed issues during peak hours.

The heating controls are the typical one button to change the temperature with 5 settings possible (cold, cool, room temperature, warm and hot)…the fan setting is just below with auto, off, and then a few fan speeds to select…nothing more.

Glasses by BA_pics, on Flickr

There is a window you can open and let fresh air in and we had this open at night and did not find it too noisy even during New Years Eve!!! Very quiet location helps greatly here.

Floor to ceiling windows by BA_pics, on Flickr

The windows are nearly floor to ceiling and provided a great view from the executive floors (9 and 10th floor). Sky lounge is on the 12th floor (and only accessible from one side of the elevators).

Minibar by BA_pics, on Flickr

We had a room facing the Thames and the Shard as well as the Trinity house / Port of London Authority building and statue.

The mini bar in the executive rooms are stocked and complimentary for Gold and Diamond members I am told. The pictures show the contents (there were 4 mineral waters in there though…my wife had already got through a couple by the time I took the shots)…

Minibar contents free for Diamonds by BA_pics, on Flickr

They do not restock the fridge though each day so this is it in case you stay a few days.

Tea service by BA_pics, on Flickr

The room had a safe, iron board, iron and decent storage facilities.

Wardrobe contents by BA_pics, on Flickr

Interestingly, the duty manager came up and knocked on the door…when I answered, I was passed a tray of chocolates and his card…and before I could ask…he disappeared on me….so not sure if the congrats tray was a mistake or just a pleasant welcome gift for diamonds…I think it was for someone else and they simply delivered it to the wrong room but wasn't going to give it back!

Mistake by BA_pics, on Flickr

Other facilities:

There was some work out facility but I did not use it so can't comment. There is no pool.

Breakfast was included free of charge for Diamonds and Golds. (full hot buffet…no continental option as far as I could see…)

We received free breakfast for both rooms as a diamond both mornings.

The lobby bar does serve some light food as well as drinks and there was plenty of seating areas for small 1-5 person groups available, even though the hotel was very busy.

There is a second restaurant in the hotel but it was closed during our stay, possibly due to New Years….looked very good though.

The Sky Lounge was very modern and had glass walls and ceiling so very open and airy and proved to be popular for many hotel and non hotel visitors.

Overall Impression:

I liked the hotel, the staff were very good and friendly and genuinely wanted to help people out even when busy! The rooms were a bit small but no smaller than any other double tree in London and they were in good condition and kept clean. I would come back and recommend it to others if my other Hilton favourites were full or too expensive in comparison but the slightly harder to reach tube location and lack of a lounge stop me from calling it a favourite.

Hope this review and pictures of the room are of use and interest. If there are any questions please do ask and I will try to remember and answer if I can!
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A really comprehensive review. Thanks for writing!

I think Hilton were lucky with their acquisition of the Mint hotels as this and the other Doubletree's in Leeds, Manchester, Bristol etc are all v similar. Modern, clean and good value.

The sky lounge on the top floor is also pretty spectacular if a little pricey!!
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Good review - very comprehensive.

As a regular there are a couple of minor corrections/quibbles:

Drinks voucher can be used in either the lobby bar or in the Sky Bar - given the spectacular views (and prices!) in the Sky Bar I would use them there.

Exec room minibars - are meant to be restocked every day. However it is not uncommon for this to either not happen at all or for it only to be partly restocked (ie new drinks but no new snacks or vice versa) - quick call will get it sorted if needed.

Accessibility depends on where you are coming from, but generally I would say Doubletree Tower is better than Hilton TB (nearer Tube and on Circle line which is handy for most of central London). I would also have said it is one of the better options in London to be close to sights (Tower Bridge, Tower of London, Thames Path just about on your doorstep) - again guess it depends which sights you are interested in.

As a diamond if you don't get an exec room upgrade, you get a half-bottle of wine (used to be a bottle) and a nibble (sometimes nuts, macaroons, fruit jellies) - this may have been what was delivered to you in error.

2nd restaurant (Natural Kitchen) is not actually part of hotel (although accessible directly from it) - don't think you can charge to room / earn points and you cannot use drink voucher.
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Old Jan 4, 13, 12:14 pm
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Thanks for the corrections and comments. ^

Good to know the drink vouchers could be used in the Sky Bar as well...didn't know that! ^ (a definite positive and agreed that this is where one should redeem them if there is a choice!)

Sky Bar is indeed a great bar with nice views...just beware that it can be closed for private functions, otherwise, definitely worth a visit and a drink. @:-)

Minibars...Okay, again, not as familiar with DT hotels...ours was restocked partially the first night but not at all the second...so we thought this was a one off...also, when we stayed at the DT Westminster...no restocking was done there for me either so assumed this was the norm...good to know a call could get it sorted again, thanks! ^

Accessibility: agreed that this is very dependant on plans and person...the tube station is indeed closer to this hotel than the tube station for H Tower Bridge...however, during our stay and I suspect many other people's during weekends...engineering works take place...which seems to affect the Circle line and Northern Line in my very limited experience...so that leaves a lot of people trying to use just the District line to get anywhere and then it is packed and subjectively seemed to take longer to get to the station compared to the Jubilee line for the Hilton across the Thames. (but everyone will be different...especially during the week I can see this location being well served and potentially better for tube access). YMMV.

Natural Kitchen...ahh...that explains things...thanks. Thought it was part of the hotel as it did have direct inside access...Thanks for clarifying. ^

Again, thanks for the positive feedback and corrections / comments, much appreciated. ^
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Just booked three nights on points after reading the great reviews by BotB and Jaggy Bunnet. Was deciding between the 40k options of DT Tower of London, DT Victoria and DT Westminster, but these reviews clinched it for me. Looking forward to it!
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Nice! Thanks for the review. I'll be there 8 nights in March. Looks almost identical to the Westminster location, which I stayed at 4 or 5 times back when it was City Inn and really enjoyed it.

Hoping for a nice upgrade and glad to see they kept the tea pot and cookies in the drawer. I always looked forward to a cuppa and a biscuit when I got back to my room from work each day. ^
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Is the Doubletree Tower of London a good choice for a family trip to London? We are going to have to get two rooms (on points), but that's true for every Hilton unless we want to stay at Gatwick!

My only concern is that it seems so far away from the other hotels. Are there plenty of restaurants and such in the neighborhood?
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Originally Posted by Rebelyell
Is the Doubletree Tower of London a good choice for a family trip to London? We are going to have to get two rooms (on points), but that's true for every Hilton unless we want to stay at Gatwick!

My only concern is that it seems so far away from the other hotels. Are there plenty of restaurants and such in the neighborhood?
There are a few restaurants nearby, mostly they are other hotel restaurants though...We ate at the bar in the Novotel across the street from the DT one night and found it quite good for quality and price. There are a few others but to get more variety you need to cross the bridge and walk towards the city centre (a 5 minute walk).

The DT Tower of London is a bit further from things but no so much so that I would be bothered personally...you just need an extra 5-10 minutes compared to the other hotels (whether walking to the other side of the river to access them or using the tube to get to another location).

If I could get two rooms for the same amount of points at the Tower Bridge I would definitely go there...If you are considering the other DT's in London and not Hiltons then this is a great hotel for the price / benefits.

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