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raikje Oct 18, 12 4:27 pm

To answer my own question, yes, points are now being awarded here (and there is a big hhonors sign on the reception desk).

Really looking forward to the refurb being finished, as it is pretty convenient for me, but the rooms are a bit run down at the moment.

poser Oct 18, 12 5:06 pm

How good is your internet connection ?

raikje Oct 19, 12 7:53 am

Well, for me it was pretty poor, as I have an ultrabook without a wired ethernet connection - the rooms are wired internet only. Wireless is coming along with the refurb.

There is free wireless in the public areas downstairs, which felt a bit sluggish, but was ok for general web browsing - I wasn't doing anything too taxing.

diamond club freeloader Oct 19, 12 3:18 pm

Stayed here a few weeks ago and points posted no problem.
Also, I raised the issue about not having a wired internet option for my Macbook and was told I could use the internet on the TV without charge. I didn't bother, but this was a nice gesture.
Also got to try one of the first refurbished rooms which was very nice and made the hotel great value for money.


warreng24 Mar 15, 13 7:22 pm

I noticed that the hilton booking site has a disclaimer for this hotel:

This hotel will be joining the DoubleTree by Hilton brand in Spring 2013. London Ealing hotel rates are now inclusive of all taxes.
I'm reading in this thread that this hotel IS definitely awarding HHonors points and stay credit?

Are they honoring any HHonors amenities for Golds and Diamonds (ie free internet)?

diamond club freeloader Mar 16, 13 3:32 am

Originally Posted by warreng24 (Post 20427599)
I noticed that the hilton booking site has a disclaimer for this hotel:

I'm reading in this thread that this hotel IS definitely awarding HHonors points and stay credit?

Are they honoring any HHonors amenities for Golds and Diamonds (ie free internet)?

I got full HH-G benefits (inc room upgrade) while staying at this hotel last year.

raikje Mar 17, 13 4:49 pm

Originally Posted by warreng24 (Post 20427599)
I'm reading in this thread that this hotel IS definitely awarding HHonors points and stay credit?

Are they honoring any HHonors amenities for Golds and Diamonds (ie free internet)?

Yes, definitely awarding points and stay credit. Free internet is available, though you may need to get vouchers from reception to access it (I've not been there for a couple of months).

Action Man Mar 24, 13 7:18 am

Stayed recently at this hotel as a Diamond. Building works are still underway but not bothersome. Because of this the situation in the lobby is a bit odd (but temporary). After the refurb there will be a new lobby bar and the current temporary lobby/bar area will be part of the conference facilities.

The rooms are finished to a very high standard and staff here are very friendly, professional and attentive. They do not leave customers waiting about at check-in, or for a drink etc. In the room: Huge Samsung LED HDTV, 1/2 bottle of wine and fruit platter in the room. iPod docking station. No issues with WiFi.

Beer drinkers will be very comfortable with the international offerings in the bar (Sam Adams, Asahi, Signha etc!)

HHonors branding is clearly displayed and all staff I encountered were conversant in HHonors tiers and benefits.

There is a very high standard of hospitality here. I was impressed, quite frankly surprised. I would recommend this property to anyone looking for a hotel in this area.

I only wish some of the other hotels I frequent were like this.

warreng24 Apr 19, 13 1:30 pm

I just checked in today. I echo Action Man's comments above.

Very friendly and good service from the front desk.

I got an early check in (at around 10.30am). No in room "freebies" except for sparking and still water bottles in the mini-fridge. I'm a Diamond as well. Maybe I didn't get the fruit and wine Action Man mentioned because I checked in early.

Rooms are quite small. Smaller than I expected, but they are efficiently designed.

Very odd half glass wall shower without a shower curtain. You have to be careful not to soak the floor of the bathroom. That's my only complaint so far. I would definitely stay here again (if the price remains this low).

It's a very short walk from Ealing Common Tube.

It looks like each room is equipped with its own DSL Modem/Router with wired and wireless access. Bring your own cable if you want to use the wired connection (4 ports available). Code for wired/wireless internet is valid only for 24 hours (have to request a new code each day from the front desk).

I'll report back tomorrow about the breakfast situation.

travisw Jun 4, 13 3:48 am

Does anyone have an email address for someone at the hotel? I'm unable to call (where I am at the moment I can barely get internet access) and need to get in touch.

mav May 19, 15 4:02 am

I am here as a Gold member. The room are REALLY small! If there are 2 of u be sure it is someone u don't mind being in a VERY small space with!
That being said, the staff is great, very friendly and welcoming, the inetrnet is free and fast for gold members, the rooms are nice and clean, the breakfast is very nice and was complimetary for gold members. There is bottled water replaced daily, and arrival night they delivered a small box of VERY lovely chocolates to the room. The hotel is a short 5 min. walk to the Ealing Commons tube and there is a Sainsbury Express next to the tube stop for snacks and drinks to keep in your in room small fridge.
Nice room for 1, although small, but not for 2. I would not stay here again for this reason, but only for this reason.

craigthemif Dec 5, 15 4:20 am

Diamond member. I expected some sort of room upgrade but instead ended up with a TINY room. Barely enough room for the bed. I was left a small bottle of wine and some chocolates as a welcome gift.

I was checking out the hotel as it is quite convenient for a 1-night stay between Heathrow and the city. i.e. arriving late, but don't feel like paying central London rates or staying near Heathrow with a long tube ride into town the next morning...

I won't be back though. I can sometimes understand tiny rooms for central London, but there's no excuse for a hotel well outside the city centre and, without wanting to sound overly entitled, for a Diamond member.

Breakfast service was poor as well. Server forgot to place my order for eggs. Hard to catch anybody's attention for a coffee refill.

DrLudwig Dec 6, 15 1:17 am

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel London - Ealing {GBR}
True the rooms are small and no tub (shower only unless a jr suite) but staff are lovely, good transport links and I was satisfied with breakfast. Be prepared for the occassional bus load of tourgroups here. Stay here regularly - value for money.

pauleeepaul Apr 26, 16 10:16 am

9 am check in "with the normal surcharge waived due to Diamond" ^.

Veery small room. You can see how the furniture and fixtures were engineered to fit. I booked a "queen room"- can't remember if it was the lowest category or not- and I guess it is a queen sized bed but there isn't room for much else. This is a business trip where I am out of the room except for sleeping. I really don't think I could spend free time in the room- alone nevermind with someone else- without going batty.

Small gym, couple of treadmills and cycles and a few resistance pieces.

I have a "single room" at the DT Marble Arch later this week- wonder if I will need a shoe horn to get into it.

Caledonian Oct 14, 16 9:05 am

Not great, not terrible
Had a one night stay at the DT Ealing earlier this week.

It is 5-10 minutes walk from Ealing Common tube station, so convenient for transport into Central London (20-30 minutes journey time).

Check in at 3pm was pleasant enough but not overly engaging. Given a brown paper bag with amenities (biscuits, crisps, two bottles of water and a pre mixed can of G&T). Nice thought; but I'd have rather had then in the room waiting as was already weighed down with luggage; and it struck me that it was a convenient process for the hotel rather than thought from a customers point of view. Mixed recognition of diamond benefits - no mention of room upgrade (which wasn't forthcoming) nor internet access (which I later found needed an unsupplied code for diamond fast access) but was advised of breakfast.

Room on the 4th floor was tiny; basically a bed that you can just about walk around, with a small desk. TV channels were hit and miss (this infuriates me; how can you not quality check and control this sort of thing?). As I was only using it for a short overnight stay and out for dinner in the evening, no big issue - otherwise would have been a problem. The 5th floor is marked as HH floor in the lift, who knows what spacious accommodation there may be up there. Bathroom similarly small and it takes a bit of dexterity when showering not to soak the floor as the screen is pretty narrow.

Internet choices on log in was presented as 2MB standard and 6MB for diamond - the latter needing a code rather than room number/name which I hadn't been given, so I just used the 2MB version which seemed a good bit slower than the stated speed.

Breakfast spread was ok with a good range of hot options, but at 8.30am several options seemed to have been exhausted (e.g. bread loaves, butter). These were not replenished and with no staff around after a few minutes, I asked one of the waitresses who disinterestedly told me that kitchen staff would attend to it, and then promptly did nothing. I called the manager over 10 minutes later and he saw that it was resolved, but again clearly could be a lot better both proactively and reactively.

So, nothing terrible but nothing too good either and certainly not to make me want to rush back versus trying out other options.

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