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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by The Viking:
Going to the Bocuse D'Or in LYS in January, the Hilton comes up with a rather good rate of 139 euro/night, b'fast incl. I'm HH Gold, any experiences regarding upgrade policies of the hotel? How's the exec. lounge? Location/facilities?

Thanks in advance.
In case you're willing to consider other hotels, you might want to look at the Cour de Loges on the Rue du Boeuf. Nicolas Le Bec offers great dining in the hotel restaurant.

You might also want to look at Villa Florentine.
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Lyon HILTON-Lounge? Upgrading?

Currently is there a lounge at Lyon H? Executive Floor? What is upgrade policy?
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Stayed 2 years ago when brand new.
Upgraded to large suite on excective floor and got lounge access for breakfast and drinks. ( Key which operates elevator will give you access to lounge) all for a 45EU rate.
All in all one of best Hiltons in Europe.
Location is outside the city central next to Interpol HQ across the river, is a bit of a walk to the subway but busses stop just behind the hotel.
Dont spend all you money in the casino on the ground floor.
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Hilton Lyon - any advice.....

Staying in Lyon in April for first time...any comments on the Hilton there.....Diamond benefits?
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Great hotel, modern looking, with a great view of the river. As a diamond, I was upgraded without asking to a jr. suite. Our room was huge, had a very big flat screen tv (plasma I think) on the wall. Bathroom was enormous and had oversized tub as well as a separate shower stall.

The exec. lounge is quite good, has great breakfast and snacks and drinks during the rest of the day. When I was there in May, 2003, they did not have a computer in the lounge, that may have changed, I don't know.

The hotel is not in the most convenient location, but there is a bus that stops just near the hotel that you can catch into the center of town. The hotel is in a quiet and tranquil area near the river.

Lyon is amazing, very beautiful and charming. The cuisine is among the best in the world, be sure to eat out often. Enjoy your trip.
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I agree with what hhonorman posted. It is a very modern and nice hotel. They had Bulgari bathroom stuff in the executive rooms which was quite nice.
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Didn't stay at the Hilton, but Lyon is a wonderful city. Great public transportation, the best food at resonable prices and a very pretty city as well. Hope you are able to do some exploring in the "Old City"
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I lived in Lyon one summer to study at a university there. Can't comment on the Hilton, but here are a few of my favorite don't misses...

- Leon de Lyon: My favorite restaurant. At the time I went there, it was the most expensive meal I had ever eaten, and I was extremely hesitant after I made the reservation. After the meal, no hesitations. I would go back in a second.

- Cathedral St Jean: The most powerful catholic in France resides here (not Notre Dame, believe it or not). There's a really cool 12th? 13th? 14th? (one of those) century astronomical clock inside. It chimes at noon and 1 I think. You can watch the immaculate conception take place as it chimes. Very cool! One of the Medicis married here. Parts of the church date back to Roman times.

- Basilisque Fourviere: A newer church, when I think "cathedral," this is what I picture. Go in on a Sunday when the organ is playing. Spectacular. The view of the city is great from there.

- Theatre St Jean: Ancient Roman theatre, still in use every summer for outdoor concerts

- Maison des Canuts: The Silk Museum. These looms are some of the first computers, complete with punch cards. They're all still in use today. See the evolution of the silk trade in Lyon and how it shaped the city. There is a film they regularly show. I believe it is in French. Still worth a visit though.

- Vieux Lyon: The Old City, the west bank of the Saone. Stroll the streets, stop at a bouchon for a bite. I prefer the Bouchon affiliated with La Tour Rose... I forget its name. I think it's on the Rue de Boeuf. Get the madelines with honey ice cream. divine.

Go to the Marche (market) on the bank of the Saone. I think it's there on Tuesdays, until about 11 AM or noon.

If you're into WW II, go to the Museé de la Resistance. The cynic in me can't help but think that it propagates a bit of a political agenda, but it's interesting nonetheless.

-Le Parc de la Tête d'Or: I believe this may be not too far from the Hilton. A beautiful park. Definitely worth a stroll. My favorite part is the little pasture of deer.

- Shopping: Hermes is based here. Lise Charmel also. There are some wonderful stores, including Zara, Baiser Sauvage, Printemps, Fnac, Mephisto, etc. The best shopping is on the streets all around the Place Belcour. Of course, shopping won't be like it was for me, when you could get 7 francs to the USD. Those were the days.

It doesn't sound like you'll be there long, so this is probably more than you'll have time to do/see. Have a wonderful time, whether you're there for business or pleasure!

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I remembered the name of my favorite bouchon: Le Compté du boeuf. It's the casual dining option associated with La Tour Rose (The Pink Tower), which is a famous hotel with restaurant in the Vieux Lyon.

There's a whole row of bouchons there where Compté du Boeuf is, but it stands out. The others are a bit touristy. Directly across the street is a good crêperie though. They're open later than the other places and serve more than just dessert crêpes.

Good stuff!

By the way, forgive the horrible French spelling. English, too. I haven't been speaking/reading/writing regularly, and it's fading fast!
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Thanks to everyone....Lyon should be a great experience......
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by beach4444:
Thanks to everyone....Lyon should be a great experience......</font>
Driving at night in Lyon to see the illuminated sites is one of the most beautiful things to do (if you like driving in foreign lands). We drove in one late night into Lyon (on our way back from the Riviera) and after going downtown to look for a restaurant we stumbled upon the beauty that is Lyon at night.
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The Lyon Hilton is lovely.

As a humble (but proper) Gold, I was upgraded to an enormous corner room, given water and a fruit plate and allowed access to the lounge. The lounge has a very good breakfast and drinks and snacks in the evenings. The wines are of a very high standard for lounge wine.

The hotel is placed in the middle of the park but is easily accessible by bus, I imagine it is a nice walk in the summer as well.

I certainly will return to this hotel like a shot.
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I stayed there when it just opened and was treated very well and found all the facilities and amenities to be among the best I have experienced at a Hilton [on par with CPH Hilton]. While it is located away from the main part of the city, it is very close to a major tram line and a wonderful park for taking long summer walks or early morning jogs in. And of course, INTERPOL is just down the street!
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Is the term INTERPOL a type of transportation?
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Interpol is the International Police.
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