Hilton Mystic {US-CT}

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Arrow Hilton Mystic {US-CT}

Part 2 of my Mini vacation was at the Hilton Mystic. Bounceback rate of $169 (some bounceback!) but the property was very nice, very kid-friendly. (As opposed to the Ryetown Hilton) here I was upgraded to the HHonors floor into a very nice room, and they moved my requested extra bed and fridge into it after I checked in. Very nice people at the registration and bell desk and with housekeeping - the person who brought our fridge came back on his own with extra towels as he thought we'd need them.

I actually didn't understand why this one was only a three star property - until we hit the restaurant.

My lord, avoid this one at all costs! My son orders spagetti off of the kids menu, and they bring him penne noodels with sauce. "It's just the same" the waitress says. Yeah, you explain that to a picky 4 year old! Then for the breakfast buffet (included with bounceback) we head down with cranky, hungry kids at 8:45am, we're not seated until 10:00am, and it closes at 10:30, so they're running out of food. The waitress didn't bring us coffee, juice or water for ten minutes after being seated. There were plenty of open tables, and plenty of staff...just not plenty of service. I wish I could have just credited the cost of the breakfast coupons to my bill and went to Friendlys or even McDonalds...I'd have been out touring the area at least an hour earlier.

Then, when I call to request a late checkout, they say the latest I can go is Noon. Aren't HHonors members supposed to have a courtesy of 4pm upon request?

It was a shame to have the last day of a vacation cut so short by the meal delay and then checking out...we didn't get to the aquarium until noon (with my 3 year old already napping), and were "on the road" again at 4pm.
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I've stayed at this property before, and though the rooms are nice, we had trouble with the restraunt too and also with wake-up calls (I was with several people, and two of the other folks had trouble with their wake-up calls of one sort or other).

Also, it ain't cheap as you found out ...

I was just up there in Mystic last week, and I ended up staying at the Best Western because everything else was sold out or too expensive (the Hilton was $250/night).
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I've stayed at the Mystic Hilton for the
last four months. I think the people there
are wonderful, but the food is kinda old.
I think 3 star is appropriate.
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Any Comments About Mystic Hilton??

Spending a couple of nights with the wife at the Mystic, Conneticut Hilton at the end of June. Would appreciate any info about this hotel. Am a gold member, should I have any problems with the upgrade or breakfast coupons? Thanks
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Stayed there on 2 occasions several summers ago. Nice property, indoor pool, small but nice health facilities. We had great rooms, but hubby was a meeting planner so I believe we were treated well. Didn't have or need to use status at the time. Hotel is just off I-95, directly across the street from the very nice Mysic Aquarium. Nice shops there, also a small strip "outlet" mall and McDonalds and a decent Steak restaurant all within walking distance. About a mile north of the Mystic Seaport. Close to Casinos.
Sorry I can't help you more as far as the HHonors benefits.
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Wonderful property in one of my favorite areas. The last time I stayed there (August of 1998) I got a nice mini-suite with Jacuzzi tub. I have no idea how I got the room since I had no Hhonors status and was paying a very cheap corp. rate. In fact, I wasn't even a member of Hhonors at the time. If you need any advice of the area let me know. I grew up in nearby Southeastern Rhode Island.
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Same as applefan, in march got the mini suite with the jaccuzi, sunday paper, all that. Not sure how at that stage, but didn't ask either. I thought it was a great room, very good price, etc.

The points didn't post from the stay, so make sure you keep everything until they do. It was a bit of a hassle getting that stay posted, but in the end it all worked out. I'd stay in it again without any concerns at all.
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Hilton - Mystic, Conn

Anyone have pro/con comments on the Hilton in Mystic, Conn? I'll be there mid-January for a week. I know most of the sights will be limited due to the off-season, so I'm actually more curious about comments on the facility itself. How's service, upgrades, etc ...


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I love the hotel and area around it. See below thread for more info on the hotel.

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The Hilton is OK, and for a long time it was the only game in town. (Being local, I'm there for a lot of meetings, but rarely stay)

If you are interested in alternatives, Foxwoods Casinos is about 20 minutes away, and has several nice properties. Marriott has also opened a property in Groton (although it's called the Mystic Marriott) and it's restaurant, Octagon, has been getting rave reviews...
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I like the hotel. Last time we were there (last March I believe) we were upgraded to a mini suite with a Juccizi, Sunday morning paper, free breakfast, etc.

I was quite surprized by how nice the place was.

Don't let the off season thing get to you, besides the beaches, I believe everything is still open. The Aquarium, Mystic, etc is still open, and the casinos of course never close.
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Not that anyone cares but I was a bellman at this hotel in the Summer of 1994!
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Hilton Mystic Trip Reports and Reviews

I Recently returned from a weekend award stay (ps2)at this property and wanted to share my experience. Upon check in, my wife and I (both Hhonors gold) were given 1 drink coupon and standard accomodations. I admit I was a little disappointed given the generous nature of this hotel described in previous threads. I asked about breakfast (note-there is no executive lounge at this property) and was told that this hotel now gives out drink certs in lieu of breakfast. Being a loyal reader of these boards I knew that this information wasn't entirely accurate, but I also knew that the front desk clerk wasn't the person to debate it with. I politely asked her to have the manager call me when he returned. A short while later, a gentleman named Colin called my room and identified himself as the manager. He explained to me that Hilton Corporate has recently introduced "new" guidelines to satisfy perks given to gold members. Basically, he said the individual hotel now has the option of giving the free breakfast or giving out a drink certificate, and that his hotel has decided to go with the drink option. I then gave him a dissertation of my own about what I knew the policy to be...based upon what's written on their website in addition to what I've been told when I called Hilton Honors. I concluded that perhaps Hhonors wasn't clear to the individual properties when they threw that drink option into the mix, and that if there was a choice to be made it should be the guest deciding what they would prefer, not the hotel. He conceded that that was entirely possible and agreed to give me the breakfast certs. Only after verification of her gold status did he give my wife the certs as well. I thought that was rather cheesy. I didn't bother to mention to him that I was not offered upgraded accomodations as I just assumed the hotel was nearly full. It was only later on in my stay that I realized that the place was nearly empty! On a personal note...I don't enjoy having to ask for what I feel should be automatically given. Many times I don't even bother. The problem with asking for my perks is that no matter what they say, I know it's not correct and then must be taken to another level. When I'm on an award stay I'm even more reluctant. This time may have been different because I was truly surprised based on what I had previously heard about this property. Anyway...aside from all that nonsense, we really enjoyed our stay. The hotel is really nice. We liked the restaurant as well as the lounge. The room was just average, but the location was excellent...within walking distance to the aquarium, several outlet stores, and some nice restaurants. Also about a 15 minute drive to Foxwoods casino. All in all we had a great weekend and I would definitely recommend the place. But if you're the type of person that insists on Hhonors compliance...better bring your boxing gloves.
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James... I was initially interested in the trip report as I grew up in SE Connecticut and actually worked as a bell-boy at this hotel for a period of time!

But I was very shocked to see the "new" rule of, "the individual hotel now has the option of giving the free breakfast or giving out a drink certificate..."

This drink certificate mumbo jumbo seems to be a load of garbage. Clearly on the HHonors website, it states that Gold and Diamond VIPs will be offered "either (1) the use of the Towers or Executive Level lounge, including complimentary continental breakfast each morning or (2) personalized certificates for each day of the stay for all occupants of the members room valid for complimentary continental breakfast in the hotel coffee shop or all-purpose restaurant..."

I just hope LarryU doesn't stop by this Hilton!
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by chexfan:

I just hope LarryU doesn't stop by this Hilton! </font>
Let me attem.

All I need to do now is think of a good reason to head to CT.

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