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Arrow Embassy Suites Orlando - North {US-FL}

Any one know anything about the Embassy Suites in Altamonte Springs FL?
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I didn't stay there, however I've stayed at the Hampton Inn across 436 and also for two nights at the Hilton Orlando North across the highway.

As a gold I was treated extremely well at the Hilton, club floor was nice. They have a nice pool area, etc. Best benefit was the free use of the Gold's Gym in the mall down the street. Although I can't say anything about the Embassy Suites, you might want to check out the Hilton.
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Embassy Suites Orlando - North Trip Reports and Reviews

Just back from a 4 night stay with family. This was a redemption fo 100000 pts for a short visit (children participating in martial arts national championships). The property was well maintained, and we were too busy to have anything to do at the hotel. What eventually soured everything started rather innocuously...

On the 3rd evening, I was briefly back in the hotel during the evning, and decided to stop at the "Manager's Reception." It was 7:27 pm, and there was a queue 7 deep at the window, with a lone bartender. However the 7 person turned out to be a hotel employee who told me that the reception was over, and she was making sure the line was closed. I pointed out that it was not 7:30 yet, and she shrugged.

At that point, as an unhappy camper, I looked around and saw that the "reception" was not what I had been expecting. One dark corner of the breakfast area, had one bartender poring drinks from under the counter. The tray of chips and salsa was put in a location that was not visible to anyone unless they stood directly in front of it! This lack of visibility as well as the attempt to cut short the time of reception, and the rudeness of turning away a guest... made me call the front desk. The manager on duty Mr. Hector Santos said that he would look into it. Shortly thereafter, the "Manager of beverages" called me and we had a brief conversation, and I conveyed my dissapointment to him. He said he would research the incident and remedy it. He offered to buy me a drink, which I politely refused as I had a dinner engagement.

Yesterday (the day after the first encounter) as I passed the area, I was surprised to find that the reception area was closed! My interest piqued, I went to the front desk and was told to go to the restaurant (Omaha Steaks). Once there, I saw all of about 5 people who were there, and was served redwine in a plastic cup! Now call me thin skinned, being served in a plastic cup when regular patrons were getting the glassware again soured my mood. Plus there was the fact that there was no informatio on the shifting of the venue, and only the people who asked were pointed to the restaurant.

This time, I identified myself to the beverage services manager, and pointed out to him that the hotel was not delivering on its much vaunted "evening reception" and were infact minmising its scope and using a systematic policy of cutting off people from making use of it. This gentleman politely let me know that he was not a hotel employee and did not make policy. He offered to take me to the manager on duty to talk about the issue.

Now I encountered Mr hector santos in person. He was surprised that:
a. The managers reception used plastic cups as a rule
b. That I was complaining about the lack of information about the change of venue for the reception.

He went on to add that he was not expected to know of little details such as "manager's reception," and if "guests need to be informed about the shift of venue!"

I will be honest, and admit that I quipped "In the hotel business, it is the little details that matter." His response to that was "Well, don't expect it here!" At this point, I asked for his supervisor and he said it would be the GM, who was unavailable. I requested the GM's information and Mr. santos gave me his own card and scribbled the GM's extension on the back. I left the desk and went back to the room.

Once in the room, I saw the form letter from the GM which said that he had left instructions that guests with concerns were to be provided his home contact. I called Mr. Santos back and asked to be put in touch with the GM, per the info in the form letter. Mr. Santos kept asking me why I wanted to go above him, and started to become abusive. He said "I cannot pronounce your name, so I will truncate it!" I told him that it was nit a privilege that Iwas going to accord him, and insisted that I be put in touch with the GM. He refused and hung up.

I called the GM's extension, and left a detailed message requesting that he call me back. It was 7 pm. At 7:15 a message was left on the phone. It was Mr. Hector Santos, carefully pronouncing my name, letting me know that he had "talked to the GM, and was now returning my 100000 pts back to my HH account. Also I was welcome to get a free cocktail at the resturant."

I did not call him back. Instead, I left another message at the GM's extension, saying that I still wanted to talk to him. I have provided him my mobile phone number.

This is where things stand now. I will report back developments...

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Horrible customer service, but you got your 100K points back and essentially stayed for free, over some complaints about the reception.

While the overall problem still exists, they more than made good with you.
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Originally Posted by spc354
...call me thin skinned...
I didn't say it.

Wait a minute - you got a free 100k stay and you're not satisfied?

What additional things do you hope to accomplish with your conversation with the GM?

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Wow -- interesting post. I stayed at this hotel for the Capital One Bowl in January (Go Hawks!).

Like you, I thought the hotel was nice. At the Manager's reception they had: popcorn, pretzels, cheese/crackers, and chips/salsa. Although very busy, with both LSU and Hawkeye fans, I though the reception was one of the best I had seen. Crazy how hotels vary so much from night to night. Congrats on the return of the 100,000 pts!
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I'd think the GM corrected Mr. Santos rather speedily, and ordered him to get you taken care of - which you were. At this point, I'd possibly write a letter to the GM thanking him for his quick response to your message (even if he did not call you back, he addressed the problems you presented and made considerable restitution to you,) and document what I experienced.
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Orlando seems to be a location where they just don't care about customer service.

The last two visits I had at the HGI near the airport were bad and I never did receive a call back from the manager upon my request.

Once housekeeping (a male) tried to walk in the room with the Do not disturb on the door, I had the chain type lock thing on but not the lower one for some reason. Needless to say he got a great (or not so great) view of me in the shower through the crack in the door and mirror angles.

The second time they cancelled my room (after several calls to the hotel and explaining I wouldn't be arriving until 6 am) because I didn't arrive by midnight. There was also a 45 minute wait for the shuttle bus (after being told the driver is on the way) although the ride to the hotel took only 5 minutes.

Each time they looked at my like "so, what is the problem?" I don't think it is ok, but Orlando just seems to be this way. I avoid it whenever possible!

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I am glad that you followed up, and think that the return of your points was a correct apology. The manager's attitude was horrendous. The small problems with the manager's reception were simply an inconvenience - but multiplied by the management's attitude - infuriating.

I would not be surprised if your points were returned in an attempt to keep you from talking to the GM. His voicemail may have never reached him. If you do not hear back from him a letter of thanks for the resolution just might be the first he hears of your situation.

Please post back if/when you hear from the GM.
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I also think that the return of the points may have had nothing to do with the GM. Write a letter to the GM and copy it to Hilton headquarters. Orlando is notorious for poor service. The pay is low and many just don't care. Hilton should still know about rude management.
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I stayed at this hotel 7 weeks, 4 days each week, fairly recently. Recently enough that I got my 3 golf clubs from the stays.

The reception was always a waste of time. The only thing they ever had was the chips / salsa and the popcorn. (Oh, I guess a few times I saw pretzels there also, although I always ignored them.) Although sometimes they did not even have that. Several times I went down 10 or 20 minutes before closing and they had already cleaned the popcorn machine. It is one thing to have the exact same thing in a hotel with frequent turnover. But in a suites, where people probably stay for longer period of times, it would be nice to have some change to the same stale chips every night. At least a different type of stale chip!!

The plastic cups is surprising. I usually wanted to take it back to my room so I asked for plastic cups. Only about twice did I get them. The rest of the time they were out of them and had to serve me in glass.

Should I have complained about the times they closed early? Probably. But it was never worth the effort to me, although I do applaud the OP for letting management know directly. I always let them know on the check out comment cards. I didn't pick the hotel based on the reception, so if it was bad that is just something that will affect my selecting it again.

BTW - you should have seen it the last week I was there. There was an Avatar thing going on and the hotel was filled with them. They picked through the reception (and breakfast also) like so many locusts through a field.
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I'm sure this is a high-occupancy property, so as long as the money comes rolling in, not much is going to be "fixed." But if they are fortunate, they may get a real business (people)-oriented management team. Just don't bet on it - they're about location, location, location.
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Update on Embassy Suites Orlando North

The GM did not call back, so I called again and left a message again. About 3 hrs later, he did call back. He apologized on behalf of Mr. Hector Santos, and said that he would use my information as a coaching tool/opportunity as he followed thrugh with the issues.

Interestingly, my HH account has no record of my stay at the property, but I still dont have my points back! The GM said that it would happen, and I should get back to him if it didnt.

Overall, I am OK now, even though it could have been better if I was called back without having to remind!
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Recent Stay - quick review - good for Winter Park area

Hotel is located in Altamonte Springs, FL - just off I-4 and good for Winter Park area and northern Orlando destinations

We had a recent stay - here is the breakdown:

Overall condition - fair to good - our room was clean and all updated furniture in excellent shape - however the hallways and elevators exhibited the usual wear and tear from being a older property (probably built 10 to 15 years ago)

Location - EXCELLENT! We greatly enjoyed walking the wooden boardwalk across Cranes Roost and nature paths on the opposite shoreline. Additionally, there is a large quantity of walkable shopping and restaurants adjacent to the property. The location was also quick for 15min drives into Park Avenue of Winter Park for the Tiffany Morse Museum and more shopping/food, etc.

Internet speed/WIFI - Diamond free (no longer technically a benefit) hi-speed was excellent

Diamond Upgrade - not a benefit but we were accommodated nicely into a balcony in the quieter Palm Wing that is not part of the main atrium section.

Manager's Reception - never got there

Breakfast Buffet - standard for a Embassy and everything was shipshape.

Downside - The central air conditioning was being serviced and mobile renter units were being deployed as a provision for the entire bldg. including all rooms. It was OK for 65 degree weather, but if the temperature rises and you have a stay planned soon, call the hotel and make sure they are no longer repairing the central a/c. Our room was just barely cool enough during the evening.

Would I Go again ?- Absolutely - because of the location - we particularly value the excercise, the birds and ducks, and the lakeside restaurant.
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