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BlondeBomber Nov 29, 01 7:41 am

Early Check In
I have heard about late check out privileges for Gold/Diamond, is there also early check in?

I have checked in at a couple of places at 7 AM and had no problems. I just tried to book early in Hull, Quebec--entered 7 AM but the reservation came back with 3 PM check in on it. Any thoughts about policies of Hilton here?

Doomed to Coach Nov 29, 01 9:29 am

BB seems to me its up to the individual property... and is IMHO based more on availability than anything else. Although there are properties in this world that won't talk to you until "check in time".

Doomed to Coach

FTraveler Nov 29, 01 10:41 am

I agree with the above poster. I've checked in as early as 6:30 a.m. at hotels near the airport. I assume rooms were available due to a lot of guests checking out to catch early flights.

Eugene Nov 29, 01 12:16 pm

Official policy is 3 pm check-in, but it all depends on the availability and good will of the manager on duty. If I need an early check-in, I usually call ahead of time and ask for them to note it in my reservation. So far it was never a big problem.

Sweet Willie Nov 29, 01 12:58 pm

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Eugene:
If I need an early check-in, I usually call ahead of time and ask for them to note it in my reservation. So far it was never a big problem.</font>
or note it in your own online reservation area.

Never a problem for me either.

PremEx Nov 29, 01 2:02 pm

I also have them note the request in the record.

But in addition, I call the property the day before and as soon as I hit the ground, to let them know I'll be there shortly and kindly ask to have an available or next available room slotted for me.

Especially important to me when I get in to Europe on those early morning arriving flights. I want a room, now!

BlondeBomber Nov 29, 01 7:22 pm

Thanks guys--I'll request it in the comments field!

LTMac Apr 15, 02 5:23 am

Early check in?
Has anybody tried to check in early after a red-eye? I was informed the there were no rooms available at 6am after I landed at IAD from SEA. I think the 'no room' excuse is a ruse by the overnight staff. Any thoughts?

BlondeBomber Apr 15, 02 5:57 am

I have checked in between 6:30-8 am on several occasions and they have always been accommodating. Sometimes the room is not available but they do their best. Does sometimes help with securing an upgraded room for later in the day.

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ctuttle Apr 15, 02 11:48 am

You might call the hotel and explain the situation. I have found many hotels to be a bit nicer about it when you explain the situation - you are coming in on a redeye and will be VERY tired.

A lot will have to do with how full the hotel was the night before, as I'm sure no housekeeping will be done prior to 6 AM.

kawoh Dec 7, 02 6:08 pm

How early is early for checkin?

I am booked to arrive in on a flight to stay at a hilton around 4am, im curious whether i'd be charged for the previous day or would I just be charged for the next day?

Keen to know what is generally considered too early for checkin... what is the experience of other FT'ers on here when staying at a hilton property?? This hilton will be in Asia.

Jet2K Dec 7, 02 6:53 pm

I arrived at the Las Vegas Embassy Suite at about 4am one time, and was told to come back around 10-11am to check in. However, the clerk noticed that I was (just)HHonors Blue, and said that I am welcome to check in right then and there.

This was before I began participating in FT, and really started paying attention to the benefits.

Edited to add that they did not charge for the previous night.

[This message has been edited by Jet2K (edited 12-07-2002).]

BlondeBomber Dec 8, 02 6:28 am

I have checked in as early as 7 am for the upcoming night.

Due to a flight delay, I once checked in at Beijing at 4 AM (but actually booked for the preceding night) and they let me have the room until 7 PM that day for the one day rate. Always have found them very accommodating.

mauld Dec 8, 02 7:27 am

I think it depends on the day, how full the hotel was the day before and how accomodating the property wants to be. I've arrived on flights from the US to Europe and been able to check in as early as 6:30 in central London hotels on a weekend. Just call and request it, being sure to mention that you understandits on an 'if available' basis.

elbidercni Dec 9, 02 1:42 pm

I have checked in early many times at various hiltons and never had a problem (at varying HHonors levels over the years). I have done early morning, but but 4 a.m. sounds a little extreme.

You may want to ask the hotel ahead of time if you are concerned about it. Probably not a big deal if they are not very busy, but if they are anywhere near full they could have a problem with it.

Great question -- like to hear back if you have any problems doing this (and the hotel's reaction).

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