Hilton London Kensington {GBR}

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I've never found a rate difference based on elite status, only status of room when one gets to the hotel. It may be the UK site has better rates, or it is just a matter of when one is staying and what rates are on offer at the time. They are so variable, and there are many different types of promotions: it's getting to be as bad as airline fare categories. L50 to L60 rates are extraoridinarily good. Do they include VAT, etc.?
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Just wanted to add.

on the north side of the street between the Kensington Hilton and the Holland Park tube stop, is a good little market for booze, sandwiches, snacks etc. There is also a Chinese restaurant that serves very good food for a reasonable price (it is on a corner)
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by ryker:

BTW a real plus for this property is there is an Airbus stop outside the hotel direct to Heathrow. Anything else you want to know feel free to ask.
That is a BIG plus and the hotel is the first stop after leaving Heathrow. The hotel is fine but the location is really what makes it attractive. Very easy to get to Heathrow and not too difficult to get into Central London.

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Hilton--Kensington, London..UK

Would like to know if this is a nice hotel to stay in for a special weekend?

Also what are the chances of an upgrade to the executive floor with HHonors Gold ?

I am new to HHonors program... so am not familiar with the +benefits available, any feedback would be most appreciated. Have often stayed on the entree gold floor with Fairmont...is it similar?

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Rooms on exec floors are nice but regular rooms are pretty basic.

Most are small (then that is typical for downtown London anyway).

Nice breakfast buffet (limited selection but adequate) on exec floor--you should get upgraded.

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Thanks so much BlondeBomber...

I haven't booked the room yet, but will be doing so in the next couple of days...

There is a pkg offered as the "HHonors Special" for 94pounds a night.. must book 2 nights. This package includes full Eng. breakfast each morning and a dinner on first night.

Perhaps not necessary to book that if the executive floor has a buffet. I know the entree gold floor has a lovely breakfast buffet, and if the Hilton executive lounge is the same quality, that Special pkg is not necessary.

I am inclined to not book the package IF chances are good of getting an upgrade to executive with my GOLD card.

Any feedback on what others usually book when visiting this hotel?

We will be staying there for Friday/ Saturday, mid April...

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After reading another thread on GOLD members... would the other person sharing the room with me (Husband is not GOLD) also be allowed to eat in the executive lounge?

When staying on entree gold floor with Fairmont... all people in the room get the benefits of the entre gold floor lounge.

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I don't really think this is the best hotel you could book, for similar rate (or possibly slightly more).

Did you check the Metropole or Paddington?

The Kensington is acceptable but rooms are pretty small. As a Gold you are very likely to be upgraded to the Club floor, with access to the lounge. Its of a medium size and has canaps and drinks served in the evening as well as breakfast and drinks during the day.

The hotel has 3 restaurants: a Japanese, a trendy bar (with totally clueless staff) and a more traditional British one.

I would really recommend picking another one if youre there for a special stay.

If however you stick with this hotel, you could call the hotel manager directly to ensure best treatment possible.

Feel free to email me if you have any specific questions.
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Thanks Canista... you have mail..
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We just got back last week and stayed four nights at the Kensington. We are gold and were put on the 6th floor and and given lounge access. The room was nice and the staff excellent. The airbus is a quick ride to and from LHR and stops right at the hotel. The tube stop is about 5 minutes from the hotel. We will stay there on our next trip as we really enjoyed it, the helpful staff, and the location. Plus the price was right.
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N-E... further to my email to you, it appears that the best rate on your dates is 89 per night (for 2) including full breakfast and tax.

That's really pretty good for London. You can then find some tickets using the discounters in London, the concierge will be able to help (I also think there is a thread on this somewhere in FT).
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nobody-elite, to answer one of your questions:

My experience in general has been that if are upgraded to or allowed access to the Executive Lounge, then everyone in your room is permitted access.

If the hotel gives out breakfast coupons instead of lounge access, sometimes only the Gold (or any other Golds in your room) get the coupons.

But sometimes if the hotel in generous, they give coupons to everyone in your room.
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Thanks everyone... I am leaning strongly towards the HHonors Special of 94 pounds per room... it includes a full english breakfast AND dinner on the first night, which I believe is buffet dinner.

Then on the second night book a show if we can get tickets...

Now of course is the trick of actually getting the upgrade to executive floor...

Those in London, is it hard to get good tickets to My Fair Lady right now? Also what are we looking at for cost of tickets?

thanks everyone

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Canista .. you have more mail...

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Also check out the thread, maybe some useful insights:

Hilton London-Kensington (http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/Forum57/HTML/003688.html)

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