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Hilton Honors Points Posting Problems: Points Missing, Delayed or Not Posting

Hilton Honors Points Posting Problems: Points Missing, Delayed or Not Posting

Old Nov 9, 00, 4:50 pm
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This has also been a problem with my account.Over 200,000 points missing for over 10 weeks. I have got the same answer from Hilton regarding the problem. I hope they fix it soon...its a bad feeling to see those points dissappear for no reason.
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Old Feb 6, 01, 10:48 pm
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Hhonor points missing problem

anyone share my problem with HHonor? for my some 50 stays over the past few years, Hhonor only had them automatically posted 3 times.

all other times i need to call and fax in. is there some bug in their program which constantly ignore some selected member? or some particular properties which tend to 'cheat'?
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Originally posted by tmorse6570:
Their promos seem promising and generous, but getting things posted seems hopeless sometimes.
I must say, Marriott has only not posted my points two or three stays and quickly corrected them each time.

With all due respect to my FT colleague, immediately above, I have had the same problem with Marriott. However, not all of us live in UT where a call to the Marriott Service Center is considered a local call. Below, is part of one of my posts in response to a recent Marriott thread:

"You asked was I disappointed in Marriott? Yes! I constantly had problems with missing stays and appropriate points posting therefrom, as well as continual screw ups with their posting or receiving the correct credit card points I had earned. In addition, I resented the fact that Marriott had no toll free number so that I could speak to someone at MR. Although I had been helped by some people, it was only through by my persistence, and not their set up, that I was able to right those errors.....

I can also say with utmost assurance, that the HHonors customer service reps are far superior to those at Marriott, and although Hilton's point posting is far from perfect, I at least have someone that I can speak to that will not require my making a long distance call to Utah on my own dime. Moreover, the HHonors Service Center is open approx. 12 hours a day, M-F, and come February, it will be open weekends, as well. Finally, like Starwood, Hilton actively monitors this board in the person of Adam Burke, and he troubleshoots for us and our needs. Who functions in this capacity at Marriott? I have not seen nor heard his or her presence before. I think that this tells you a great deal, as well, about each company's commitment to their customers and membership."

With all the recent notice being given to the Starwood Lurker, and to a lesser extent Adam (although in my opinion, he should be the one so lionized), it should escape no one's notice, that Marriott continues to remain silent on this board.

I rest my case
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pegasus isn't alone...only one Hilton stay of mine has ever posted to my HHonors account automatically. I've had to scan the hotel bill and email it to them every other time.

mind you, I usually get my points within 1 or 2 days of emailing them, and there's never been a discrepancy.

I wonder why, in the modern age of computers, nobody's designed a system that can give instant credit once payment clears?
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Old Feb 7, 01, 7:36 am
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I have called many times and getting them to post transactions is like pulling teeth. On its face their program is good but if you do not get credit whats the point. They also are not crediting triple points for using Amex card.

Originally posted by pegasus8228:
anyone share my problem with HHonor? for my some 50 stays over the past few years, Hhonor only had them automatically posted 3 times.

all other times i need to call and fax in. is there some bug in their program which constantly ignore some selected member? or some particular properties which tend to 'cheat'?
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Old Feb 7, 01, 8:28 am
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If you had read some of the prior posts on this board, you would have seen that HHonors is probably crediting those points, but that they are posting "silently." I, too, am not happy about that, but, as a new member, you should first read our prior messages on this issue, before making such accusations.

pegasus8228 and Singaporeboy --

It is unfortunate that you are having such problems, as it appears to be isolated -- at least in those cases where there is a complete breakdown of ever getting any of your points credited.

I have had the opposite consequences as you. Two of my recent stays in the UK, had not posted, while others had. I called the HHonors Service Center and had my folio with me. They credited me with my points and did a currency/point calculation, just on my say so. Perhaps they would have withdrawn same had they thought at some later point I was untruthful. In any event, I never had any program treat me in such a courteous manner. Yes, it is a pain about missing stay credits, and I have a dispute presently brewing with AMEX about not crediting me my full 5 points at certain Hilton properties (they are only giving me 3 points).

However, if any of you are truly unhappy with the program, you can always do what I did with Marriott -- LEAVE IT!!!
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pegasus8228 wrote:
anyone share my problem with HHonor? for my some 50 stays over the past few years, Hhonor only had them automatically posted 3 times.
Until recently, it was awful!

all other times i need to call and fax in. is there some bug in their program which constantly ignore some selected member? or some particular properties which tend to 'cheat'?
Of late, Hilton has improved its tracking 900% for me. I was going to say 1000% but there's still Doubletree - 0 for 2 stays last Nov. and Dec - I think I will avoid the brand as much as possible. They don't yet seem to be very happy hosting HHonors folks.

I will spare you many gory details of my Hilton past. Suffice to say I joined the HHonors program in 1987, but my HHonors card says Member since 1993 - they dropped me from their active file because according to their records, I hadn't stayed at a Hilton property in over a year; this in spite of letters and phone calls requesting credit for stays during that year.

We generally received good treatment when we actually stayed at Hiltons, but we didn't go out of our way to do it much because getting credit was so difficult. Nevertheless, some of our convention business took place at Hiltons, so we did keep staying occasionally.

(We think the problem was with the way Hilton used to not let certain rates, like weekend rates, qualify for credit, or only 500 points. We would actually be in at a convention rate - which absolutely DID qualify for full credit - usually Th-Mo, but because it was usually a Good convention rate, and spanned the weekend, the hotel back office would decide our stay didn't qualify, and wouldn't bother to submit the information. That's a theory anyway.)

Before and during this time, we also maintained Platinum status with Marriott. In 15 years, over 1200 room nights at Marriott properties, I can think of only 5 times that we didn't get proper credit for our stay. 3 of those cases were resolved by a simple one paragraph letter to Member Services. I can only remember 2 room nights in all that time that we finally gave up on getting credited for, and I'm not actually sure we even wrote a letter about one of them. I don't much care whether it's long distance to call Member Services at Marriott or toll-free, if we never have a problem in the first place.

DOC2BE, I do empathize with your problems - they seem to be the yin to our yang.

Let me also say that the nice treatment we got at Turtle Bay Hilton when I arrived from Australia sick, and the spectacular treatment we got at Hilton Hawaiian Village when we missed our flight to the mainland on that same trip, is initially responsible for my renewed activity with Hilton - but it's the fact that I'm actually getting credit for my stays that's keeping me going back. This time last year I was happy when 2 out of 3 stays in 6 weeks posted. It's much better now, except for Doubletree.

I'd actually made Silver between October and December when I came across the Fast Track to Gold promo on this forum. Just finished my fourth stay - no retroactive credit, but that was OK.

Things aren't perfect, but it's nice to see a travel product where things seem to be getting better.

Good luck, pegasus8228. Maybe Adam can help figure out what your jinx is.
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GG --

My long history with Hilton is not quite as long as yours, but I rarely stayed at the brand because of the 500 point cap for non-business stays; mostly I stayed at Marriotts.

My newfound conversion is due to the fact that both programs are now on essentially equal terms as to point earning capability at different brands of properties and rates.

However, for me, Hilton now surpasses Marriott in a number of ways that I have discussed in many posts, before.

I would ask you to again try Doubletree. My wife and I stayed there on her way to the Conquest promotion, and she had her points posted within 3 days!!

Just be sure to remind the fron desk clerk continually about your point earnings and you MIGHT have better luck!

No sympathies needed re Marriott -- I am perfectly content with Hilton and its family!
Old Feb 7, 01, 10:15 pm
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Boy do I feel your pain.

The conversion of the Promus chain in the last year has been giving HHonors fits, moreover, it's shared with many of us. For the longest time I decided that I'd just settle for the Diamond benefits and not bother with the details. Lately, I've found that the locals are holding back upgrades for anything less than rack rates. I still find that many of the franchisees' systems are not compatible.

Over the holidays I tried to reconcile the books from last year and found that I'm missing about 10 stays and have been miscredited for another several; the net is of the order of tens of thousands of points. That finally set me off and I invested the time to get it fixed.

In one area particularly, I won't miss the departure of most of the Vegas properties because they had a tendency to transfer the reservations from the Hilton system to the ParkPlace system before I even arrived. Then followed the exercise of restoring the information when it was originally a web reservation with all of the ac.... numbers only to find that the stay wasn't even credited!

I'm not particularly pleased with the need to recover the records. Now, I've heard great things about Adam Burke & Co. and their efforts to address the concerns; I sent off a package to him with all the details and copies of folios, etc. over two weeks ago and am waiting for the grand reconciliation. If they could only get it right the first time around.
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Old Feb 17, 01, 12:18 pm
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garden inn posting time?

I have never had to wait more than three days for a stay to post with any hilton property. It has been a week since my stay at the Garden Inn an no post yet...Even my doubletree stay the next night has posted. In light of all the bonuses soon to be ending, I really want to make sure this one goes through. Any thoughts? Should I have seen it by now? I triple checked to make sure they had my info and its all on the computer print out so I figured no problem....
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pointman -- It all depends on the particular property and their computer system setup, with no or very little regard to the propert "type" (e.g., Hampton Inn vs. Hilton vs. HGI vs. Doubletree). As a funny example, see Tomphot's post here: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/Forum57/HTML/001221.html . If you are not as patient as he/she was, wait another week or so and if your stay has not been posted by then, call HHonors CS.
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Remember that they are franchise holders; the HGIs are new enough that they should not have a compatibility problem (as with many of the ex-Promus properties). You did check your folio receipt to make sure they got your HH number, FF number and car rental Co.; so there's not much more you could have done. If it's all there and it didn't post in 3 days, then someone was probably having a bad link day. I'd call after a week, but they're really good at reconciling missing credits.

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My last stay at Hilton Garden Inn Scottsdale, Az took 2 weeks to post
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My stays at Hilton Garden Inns have posted usually within a week or two. It's Hampton Inns where I find it taking forever or never posting. But, a call to the HHonors service center gets the points posted.
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