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Persistent overcharges with Hertz PlatePass toll transponder

Persistent overcharges with Hertz PlatePass toll transponder

Old Jul 27, 08, 10:49 am
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Persistent overcharges with Hertz PlatePass toll transponder

Below is my recent correspondence with Hertz regarding a pattern of overcharging for toll collection with Hertz PlatePass.

I'd advise everyone using PlatePass to check your receipt from the rental (to ensure that the $10 "transponder deposit" has been removed -- it is often listed as "Misc" or something unrelated like "Ski Rack"), as well as the receipt with toll listing, which is received about two weeks after the rental.

Has anyone else had the same issue?


To <[email protected]> cc <[email protected]>, <[email protected]> 06/20/2008 01:54 PM

Subject: PlatePass -- Incorrect billing yet again RE: Bill ID# XXXXXXXXX

On this PlatePass invoice each line item was double billed, as evidenced by the identical date and time shown twice for every item. The actual amount owned is $16.30, NOT $32.60. Please correct and PROMPTLY issue a credit back to my credit card.

I have corresponded with your office numerous times over a variety of billing errors related to PlatePass. There are errors on virtually every bill. Most are small enough that it is not worth my time or effort to correspond with you to correct the problem; this one was large enough to make it worthwhile.

The other error that occurs CONSISTANTLY with PlatePass is at the rental lot in Boston. As you know, Hertz charges a $2.50/day surcharge for PlatePass usage. This charge is only accrued on those days during the rental that PlatePass is actually used in a toll booth and is billed separately along with the actual toll charges. Upon rental, Hertz also places a $10 charge on the rental invoice as a deposit on the PlatePass transponder. The problem is that about 50% of the time, I find that the $10 deposit is never removed from my bill. When I point out the error, either to the return attendant in the lot or to an agent at the counter, I am most frequently told that the PlatePass surcharge is now billed with the car rental and that I won't be charged the $2.50/day surcharge when I receive the PlatePass toll invoice. I can assume that information is flat out wrong, as I am ALWAYS charged the $2.50/day fee on the invoice containing the toll charges.

This problem in the lot in Boston happened as recently as yesterday (rental agreement XXXXXXXXX). When I objected to the $10 charge remaining on my receipt, the lot attendant told me that he had properly punched in the remote return device that I had returned the PlatePass transponder and that, since the charge remained, it must be correct. (If what he is telling me IS correct, your software is designed to overcharge on this fee!!!) After a lengthy discussion, a supervisor finally agreed to remove the $10 charge "as a courtesy." I don't consider being told -- incorrectly -- that I am wrong for 10 minutes to be any sort of a "courtesy." Obviously, you have a training issue at the Boston airport.

I am beginning to reach the conclusion that Hertz (or your PlatePass vendor) is either terribly sloppy, incompetent, or, worse yet, your company has concluded that most customers will simply "blow off" a small overcharge, resulting in extra revenue for Hertz. I should also note that EVERY error made related to PlatePass has been an OVERcharge; none have been errors in my favor. I find it quite suspicious that PlatePass only makes mistakes that favor your company.

I expect much better out of Hertz.


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Old Jul 27, 08, 10:55 am
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And the answer is ...

Here's the response received from Hertz, less than an hour later. As I mentioned in another thread, copying [email protected] works pretty well in driving towards a quick resolution, as Terry Graham is responsible for Hertz Customer Service worldwide.


From: Shannon L Slaven ([email protected]) on behalf of Parking ([email protected])
Add contact
Sent:Fri 6/20/08 12:49 PM
To: OldRoyal

Good afternoon. I apologize the system has been doing this. We adjusted thefull amount ($32.60). It should show back on your account within a week.Thank you.

Parking & Traffic Citations Department
The Hertz Corporation
PO Box 24130
Oklahoma City, OK 73124-9940
PH: 405-775-3055
FX: 405-979-3016
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Old Jul 27, 08, 12:43 pm
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So that is not true PlatePass if there is a transponder involved. I guess the Boston area toll roads don't play along with the other toll companies that do the database thing.
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Old Jul 27, 08, 5:37 pm
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I had the same exact problem in Boston. They insisted I had a ski rack and that I had requested a certain type of car. I didn't do either one, all I had was the plate pass. They did take the extra charges off.
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Old Jul 29, 08, 6:31 pm
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I had the same thing happen to me while in Florida a few weeks ago, but with a completely different result.

I was charged for using the PlatePass service, as I knew that I would; I love not waiting in those long lines or wasting my gas and time. I realized real quick why Hertz suggested the service to me. They have a daily service fee of $2.50 per day that I use it, plus the cost of the tolls.
I noticed under the terms and conditions of my rental agreement that the Hertz representative is supposed to fully explain every aspect of the rental agreement as well as the terms and conditions. Well, I did not remember anyone telling me that I would pay for the tolls and the service fee.

I called PlatePass and they were unable to assist me, but the nice lady gave me Hertz's phone number for customer service and apologized for not being able to assist me further.

So, I then called Hertz and WOW! The best customer service I have ever encountered. The representative had me fully explain my situation and then assigned me a case number. I asked what that number was good for and he said, "So, we can learn from our customers concerns", then offered me a courtesy refund of the entire amount.

It's weird, my caramel macchiato tastes great at the starbucks by my house, but I went to California back in Feb. and it was horrible.

Please do not ask, if I have to explain my point - I will not waste energy!

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Originally Posted by OldRoyal View Post

Has anyone else had the same issue?
I had a similar issue also at the Boston Airport. They never told me anything about PlatePass and I didn't know it was set up on the vehicle. I waited patiently through the cash-only lanes for a long time and ended up being double-charged although I paid in cash every time! I have sent an e-mail on Hertz.com. If I don't hear anything back in a few days, I may consider the same approach... Thanks for sharing..

Another President Circle member..


Hertz customer service was kind enough to work this out with Platepass.
Overall I have fairly good customer service experience with Hertz.
Platepass customer service just wouldn't budge until Hertz got involved.

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HERTZ son complices de ladrones

En BOSTON HERTZ coloco un PLATEPASS en el carro sin avisar, Yo pague los dos peajes que pase
y ahora me están cobrando un peaje que pague dobleme US$ 1 y US$ 24.75 de alquiler.
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Cuando alquilen un carro en HERTZ, en la letra menuda están cobrando dispositivos de alquiler por los peajes.
Miren los de HERTYZ son unos ladrones
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