I changed my return date and location.

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I changed my return date and location.

On a recent trip I had to return my car two days early and to a different location. Hertz redid my contract changing the whole time to a daily rate. It wound up costing me $200.00 more than the original amount.

Do I have any recourse? Any advice will be appreciated.
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Originally Posted by rstidolph
Do I have any recourse? Any advice will be appreciated.
Next time don't change your rental terms.
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No you don't really have any recourse. The original agreement was probably a weekly rental return to the renting location, right? WHen you changed all that you gave Hertz the right to change to the daily rate.
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When I have to make a change I have actually called them from the car and asked how it will affect the rate. If it drives up the rate but I still need to return the car, I return it but don't check it in. Just leave it in their parking lot and then send back the keys to get there on time.

At my HLE the agent will actually hang onto the rental and keep the contract open until I can return it and not incur any increased charges via the switch from weekly to daily.

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The key here is that you returned it at a different location. That's ALMOST ALWAYS going to cost you more. You can return the car at the same location earlier and it will not affect your rate (usually goes down). However, because you decided to return it to a different location they change the contract terms on you.

Example I had to deal with...
Extended my rental out of IAD to drive to NY because we got permission to leave a day early instead of flying the next day around some holiday. When I got to NY I had another rental lined up out of ISP but when I called Hertz to ask them what the deal was if I was to return my car at ISP they told me that my contract would be nullified and I would be charged 37 cents a mile in addition to my contract rate. Considering that I had put something like 700 miles on the rental it would have been something a little over 600$. I told them, forget this I'm going to drive it back to IAD and return it on monday and rent at IAD instead of ISP. In the end, it cost me less but I had to put up with more BS.

I think you can beat the system (especially if your CDP/contract allows for no fee one way rentals) by simply returning the car and making a reservation from Point A with a return at Point B because that will be your standard rate vs the randomly selected more expensive Hertz rate they come up with. I haven't tried this yet however so YMMV.
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