Worst-run Hertz station?

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Worst-run Hertz station?

What's the worst-run Hertz station in a major airport?

I'm going to vote for IAD. In several rentals I have experienced:

- Car not ready (several times)
- Car assigned, but no keys/contract (mutliple times)
- Wrong rate on contract
- Wrong fuel level marked at checkout and/or return
- Long waits for shuttles
- Indifferent employees

In one rental, I was on time, name not on the board, car not assigned, so I asked the Gold counter employee why my car was not ready, and he simply ignored me, and processed the paperwork to assign me a car. I repeated my question several times, and he never responded. Once he handed me my keys and contract, and I said I wasn't done. He asked what I needed, and I said an answer to the question I've been asking. They had run out of cars and basically didn't want to admit it.

Honestly, different handling of the situation would have been better. Perhaps an up-front apology for not having the car ready with a brief explanation would have gone over better.

Anyone else experience chronic bad stations that should be avoided?
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I agree, IAD is a pretty sloppy Hertz facility.

Before, I was Gold, there was one particular male employee that made you feel like your presence in front of him was a bother. Also the lines and chaos are particularly bad there.

On a recent rental from there, I got a Mazda 6 and it was out of windshield wiper fluid and the cruise control was inoperable.
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I've had a more than a few sub-par experiences at MIA... nothing that really got under my skin, though.

All in all, my airport rentals are pretty painless, since I get my gold benefits and the employees *generally* are aware that the customers are in a bit of a hurry.

Now at the HLE's I frequent...
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IAD was the first to come to mind -- even before I opened this thread. I haven't used the station in some time, but the lazy, indifferent, (or sometime, completely missing) return agents always left me with a sour taste in my mouth.

In contrast, I've had very good service at DTW lately -- upgrades and smiles galore.

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Not a major airport but consistently poor service!
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IAD and MIA were the two that popped into my head before opening the thread.

Similar to YYZC2, I've never had a disaster at MIA, it's just that every time I'm there, I feel like the entire agency simply isn't on its "A" game. Perhaps it's because it doesn't have an "A" game.

My HLE experiences have been mostly good. I've used most of the ones in Kansas City and Overland Park: I've rarely had to wait in any sort of line and have never had a problem with the car. I book the cheapest possible rental given what CDP/PC's are available, and they usually stick me in a standard or fullsize car because that's all they have.

Only bad HLE experience I've ever had was at the Marriott in SFO (I forget which Marriott). They had a "valet fee" of $10. Basically, it cost $10 - cash only - to get your rental car! There was no option to walk to your car and start it up yourself. You had to pay $10, which was (at the time) not disclosed in the rental agreement T's & C's.
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There is no seperate gold area. So you as President's Club gold member might get spot 2,000 on the second level. They just give EVERYONE gold spots.... Cars are dirty and the staff is just plain clueless. Return is pretty bad too....WAIT AND WAIT because they don't have a clue which car came in next.

Their idea of a President's Club upgrade is the Mustang. Now do you really want to take clients out to lunch in that????
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Originally Posted by channa
What's the worst-run Hertz station in a major airport?
IAD, no doubt.

Last time I was there they didn't prepare the car, so I had to go to the counter. Reserved a fullsize and the person behind the counter asked me whether I would like to upgrade to a Premium for an extra payment. Being a five star member, I asked him why I had to pay for this, as my "status" would entitle me to an upgrade anyhow.

"You're not entitled to an upgrade sir, only when we have an upgrade available" was his response. "But you how can you not have the upgrade available?" I asked him, "...when you've just tried to upsell me?" He sighed, did not respond and said "Okay then, here you go..." and handed me the keys to the Premium..

You might imagine how I felt later that day after discovering he still *did* charge me for the upgrade
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My vote goes to PIT. When I arrived, gold reservation in hand, to find that my name was not up on the board, I approached the Gold kiosk in the garage. I gave my name and the woman working there spit out a contract -- which was incorrect -- no CDP or coupon applied. I asked her to correct it, which took about 15 minutes. When I asked why my name wasn't on the board and the car wasn't ready, I was told "well, we just don't ever have enough time to catch up on things -- and you would have had to come to the counter because your rate was wrong anyway, so what's the big deal?"


Also, I hope that others have had better experiences than the above poster, as my next rental is at ATL. It is my first 5* rental, so I am curious as to what I might expect anyway. I was hoping that it was one of the better facilities -- but, I do know that it is Atlanta (the single reason I stopped flying DL!).

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My vote is for MSN (Madison, WI). This is my home airport, but I frequently rented a car over the weekend (if I was flying back out the next week), and left the wife with the family car for the week. I can't count how many weekends I rented, but I am President's Circle. They NEVER had the rental contract ready (no gold service board). Almost NEVER got an upgrade (I got an Escape once, when I rented a full size). I don't remember seeing the same person any two weeks in a row and they were all very unfriendly/unpersonable. After all the weekends I rented there, no one ever knew me by name and always asked if I needed a map, even though the driver's license they checked clearly showed I lived less than 45 minutes away.

I once asked why I never got an upgrade and they said they were a franchise and didn't recognize the Hertz status (and yet they "recognized" the CDP I used every weekend).

My company also has rates with Avis and I must say Avis is as bad or worse at this location, so must just be Madison in general (I love the airport though).

Just my two cents worth.
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Wilmington, DE, Amtrak Station:

-- Dirty cars
-- Paperwork rarely ready
-- Upgrades almost nonexistent.
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I've probably only rented in 20 or so places throughout the U.S., but I've had some nasty experiences at DAY. The lines have been horrendous and since everyone has to go to the counter at DAY, there's no way around it.
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Originally Posted by LPCJr
Wilmington, DE, Amtrak Station:

-- Dirty cars
-- Paperwork rarely ready
-- Upgrades almost nonexistent.
EXACT same thing at the Philadelphia Amtrak station. Just awful on an amazingly consistent basis.

I'd also vote for Cleveland Hopkins Airport, where employees are spectacularly indifferent, cars are dirty, and Neverlost vehicles aren't assigned properly. And apparently none of the rental car firms there are complaining loudly enough about the horrific common bus service between the terminal and the rental lot because it just keeps getting worse and worse (as if a remote rental car facility was needed in Cleveland in the first place...)

On the flip side, I have to rate Detroit Metro Airport as one of the BEST ^ for consistent service, friendly and competent and responsive employees, and spotlessly cleaned vehicles.
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Hmmm...I've been treated well at both CLE and SEA, without any Hertz status beyond #1 Club Gold.

In CLE I called the Gold booth before my flight to request an Infiniti G35, and even though they didn't have one at the time the agent kept an eye out for it. When I got to CLE one was in my slot. (As for the shared rental bus, who was the smart person who put the airport stop out in the open, with no protection from the Cleveland rain or snow??)

At SEA I've reserved a mid-size twice and once gotten an Altima (class YC)and another time a Buick Rendezvous (class YQ). When the internet coupon didn't get applied by the instant return person (which happens to me at most Hertz locations) the counter person did it without a fuss and without asking me to produce a printout of the offer.
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