Best and worst cars youíve ever gotten?

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Best and worst cars youíve ever gotten?

Just curious what some of the best and worst cars youíve ended up with?

Iíll start:

Best- 2019 BMW 530i xdrive (in early 2020) with 5k miles on it. Had a smooth ride, nice handling, and had tons of cool little quirks. Definitely a fun car for the weekend I had it.

Worst- a filthy 2016 Nissan Versa (in 2019) with 55k miles on it (was the only car left in the location late one night). The entire car shook if you got over 60mph. Thankfully that one was just a one day rental.

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Worse is definitely a 2019 Sentra I got this year, shook as long as the ignition on. The driving quality was like way behind the second worst in the class. No CarPlay or android auto. Pretty much a garbage. Made me wonder who would actually buy it
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brand new SLC300, 30 miles odometer.
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Worst: Fiat Uno, for a roadtrip in Morocco. Underpowered, terrible tires, wipers totally worn, rear window inoperable. To be fair this was Europcar, not Hertz, and this was in 1999 when Morocco was quite a bit less developed for traveling as it is today.
Best: This is hard; a few contenders
- Audi A8 for a one-day LGB-LAX rental
- Mercedes GLK 450 for a guys weekend trip to Santa Barbara
- Lincoln Navigator on a compact reservation (thanks HLE)
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Best: Brand new red on red Alfa Romeo Stelvio Sport
Worst: Old Dodge Grand Caravan
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BMW 540i at DEN
Mercedes E350 at LHR
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Best: Brand new (~5 miles) 430i with xDrive at LAX
Worst: Toyota Yaris back in 2010 for a one way drive PIT to NYC, but it got me home after a snowstorm messed up air travel so I I can't complain too much...
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Best: Mercedes-Benz AMG C-63. Bottle rocket. 0-60 in 3.9 seconds

Best Honorable Mention: 2020 BMW 740xi with the "M" appearance package. "M" sport wheels with blacked out chrome. Was able to bargain for a $15 upgrade fee at National.

Worst: Chevy Camaro Convertible. I wasn't expecting much to begin with, but horrible ride, and HUGE blind spots (nice looking car, though).
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Worst was definitely 2019 Versa with 40k. Sounded like you were sitting in the engine bay when you fired up the car. Swapped for 2018 Elantra (surprisingly) with 38k.
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Best? I was the first renter for a brand new 2020 Mercedes GLA 220d AMG line diesel on a trip through the Pyrenees. Best part? With a coupon code from Hertz, it came out to less than a standard sedan, which for whatever reason, the coupon code didn’t apply.

Worst is any number of cars rented from various local places across the Caribbean. Older cars, with plenty of wear and tear, although they’ve always gotten the job done. Cars like an early 2000s Corolla in 2018 in Sint Maarten or a 15 year-old first generation X-Trail in Antigua just a few years ago. Still, always functional, no complaints.

I can complain about National in Cancun which gave me a Passat without functioning A/C, but I caught it within a block of the location, and returned it for a replacement. Or when Avis in Jerusalem gave me a car without working brake lights, and when I realized, 2km from the location, and went back to change it out, they insisted on charging me their extortionate fuel rates for 1/8 of a tank. But those are more issues with the rental car providers than with the cars themselves, as I got a replacement quickly enough in all cases.
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An A5 for my wedding /honeymoon/ Arizona road trip, but I booked that, so.....

A SLK form ONT for the price of a Corolla? That’s probably the best.

The worst? An Altima, from Midland Texas, Thanksgiving weekend. ClapTrap 60k miles and a .... ton of noise from the undercarriage. I got out and looked and you could tell the thing had been seriously off roaded to oil derricks. Coated with the clay mud, and all the plastic parts hanging down. Someone had tried to tie it up with twine. The next day we found an open mechanic, put it up on a lift, cut all the loose plastic off and made sure the suspension was safe. Paid the guy $50 for the job. My wife asked if we should get a recite to turn in to the rental company. Nope, one does not turn in an expense on an abused car that we cut parts off of.

The best deal? Somehow between Autoslash and customer service hooking us up, we managed to get a brand new Camry for $20 out the door for 2 days at IAH.
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Best was a brand new Ford Mustang Convertible with barely 10 miles on the clock from an Intermediate class rental. I had it for 3 weeks too.

Worst was probably a high mileage, Toyota Matrix without any USB ports, the cigarette lighter port had a blown fuse and at speeds of over 50mph the car wanted to drift left so I had to hold the wheel slightly to the right... but I picked it up before they shut for the day, and when I noticed the issues it was too late.
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A few bests: Brand new (86 miles) Cadillac XTS, then a brand new (120 miles) Cadillac SRX. Both from Avis, SFO. Very nice cars, both of them. To the extent that when I moved to California for two years, I bought an SRX. I only lost $2,000 on it the two years I owned it. Wonderful!

I also had a lovely BMW330i saloon from Avis in Sydney, and later on the same trip they upgraded me to a brand new BMW X5 from Avis in Melbourne. That was looooooooovely, but a bit baulky for the inner city streets.

Worst: an ancient Nissan Tiida/Versa from a private car rental firm in Tobago this past February. We used it precisely once and then got taxis instead. I have had a coupe of cars that have had smokers in them. The stale smoke smell makes me retch.
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Best: Brand new (5km on the clock) Skoda Octavia vRS in the Austrian Alps. Oh my!
Worst: A Chevrolet Spark in Florida. The only car available, it was just embarrassing.
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Many years ago, picked up a rental in Germany at our local branch for a one-way to Bremen Airport.

Instead of the booked Golf, I got a nearly new Merc S Class. Managed 200+km/hr quite legally for part of the journey.
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