Consolidated "Hertz Website Issues" Thread

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Originally Posted by EqualOpp
trying to login right now, no dice. I actually haven't had problems logging in before, that I can recall...not that I rent from Hertz that often...but my last rental was Hertz.
Same here. I am in France -- and I don't know if that's related, -- but I had to make a reservation without my Hertz number. Gotta call the President's Circle number (if I can find it) to add that to my reservation.
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Originally Posted by rylan
Can't log in with Firefox again - enter password and just get endless spinning wheel...
Same here for the past few days...
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it's just unreal. worst travel website by far . can't log in at least half the time. no longer receive emails with receipts after dropping car off . No apparent way to correct that in profile. yeeesh.
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Anyone having issues logging into Unable to book a car as a "Member." Can only do so as a "guest." Tried different browsers. Thanks.
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Originally Posted by vdostoi1
Anyone having issues logging into Unable to book a car as a "Member." Can only do so as a "guest." Tried different browsers. Thanks.
I cannot find anyway to log in. I've tried three different browsers. The "hamburger" menu button on the top right does not work. As a result, I can't get to the login page. The app is working for me OK.
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having same issue - and has been like this for few months now. it's just horrible
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Received email for new promo - AAA 45% off with a certain CDP. Put in the CDP and keep getting error that the code is invalid. Classic Hertz. No wonder I've only rented with them twice this year and Avis is getting everything else.
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I've been trying to burn Hertz points because of all the garbage everyone on his forum has seen. I have a points reservation for a trip I'm no longer taking due to a family health crisis. When I try to cancel online, the website just thinks and thinks. Tried four times - and received 4 cancellation emails! But the reservation is still there.

Just called in for the second time. Agent sees it as intact and then confirms they have cancelled it. But it's still showing on my account online. And my points are not back.

I can see how this movie plays out. I don't pick up the car. My points never come back. Hertz insists I was a no show.

Any idea who to contact about this? I used to use the president's circle email address but it appears dead.
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Ahhh, yes... went to try to get a quote for a potential reservation on the Hertz website, and am getting the all too often error again:

Unable to process request. Please try your submission again. [DE99]
Gotta love the disaster of a website and dysfunctional IT. Back to Avis for yet another rental. Hertz continuing to drive business away.
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When I search for a car without logging into my account, the search results show "Pay Now" and "Pay Later" options. If I log into my account then the search results only show "Pay Later" option. Is this the way supposed to be?

I thought this could be due to a profile setting in my account, but I could not see anywhere in my profile that may control such a result display.
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Here's an interesting one... I made a reservation to pick up tomorrow at my local branch but needed to move the pick up to a day later. On desktop I could modify the reservation, keep the same rate plan and coupon, and it was even $30 less! But it wouldn't proceed past the add ons screen giving a variety of errors. Pulled up the reservation in the app but the app said it couldn't be modified online and contact the third party booking site, only I made this on Hertz's own website. No worries, I thought, I'll just book a completely new reservation with the new dates and cancel the old one. A few hours later I went to make a new reservation for the correct date and time; it showed the new, lower price, and then poof confirmed all is well. I even got a confirmation email right away but here's the interesting thing: it's the exact same reservation number as my older one that I could not modify. It was both displayed on the website, and in the new email conformation, and in the app. On desktop and mobile the "old" reservation no longer shows up, only this new one but the date/time/price is all correct. Hopefully pick up goes smoothly but something to keep an eye on if attempting to make multiple reservations at one location.
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Anyone else having trouble applying CDP codes today? I thought they might have just closed my company's code, but I tried a couple others and none of them seem to work.
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Originally Posted by emosley
Anyone else having trouble applying CDP codes today? I thought they might have just closed my company's code, but I tried a couple others and none of them seem to work.
Same here .. no CDP is working ... when logging it, i will be redirected to edit profile page ... and see all CDP's as invalid. Trying to re-add the CDP ends with "no duplicates allowed" ...

Looks like there's a database error at Hertz ...i hope they will/can fix it soon.
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Maybe this is a long known thing but I'm not able to see the "Pay now & save" rates on my computer, however if I book on my phone I'm able to. Tips/tricks to getting it to show on PC?
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The frustration is strong. I login and get this message:

IMPORTANT INFORMATION! - The method of payment in your profile has expired. Unless you update your profile immediately you will not receive Gold service on your next rental. [NZX019]

The card expiry is 8/23. So I try to delete the card and re-add it. Then, depending on its mood I get either this:

DZX006-98-ERR-270-216 - We are unable to process your request. Please try your submission again or Contact Us for assistance.

Or if I get as far as it asking me to approve something in my banking app to approve the card, which I do, then I get this:

Error communicating with payment service provider, please resubmit or contact us [NEX299]

I contacted them via live chat and they said I have two accounts, one I login using email and one using my Hertz number. Hmmm. Not sure about that and when he talked about deleting accounts I respectfully asked for a different approach and I am waiting to her from the next level of customer service.

But, anyone here had a similar issue and overcome it?
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