Ride Report – 2019 BMW 530i (RWD)

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Ride Report – 2019 BMW 530i (RWD)

I picked this up off the PC aisle at STL. It only had 8 miles on the odometer so I suspect I was the first person to rent it.

  • 2.0 liter turbo charged 4 cylinder engine
  • 248 HP
  • 258 Lb/Ft of torque.
  • 8 speed automatic
  • RWD
  • Full compliment of safety features to keep you from running into things, running over people, backing into other cars, wandering outside your lane etc. However I don’t think it had radar cruise control.
  • Heads up display
  • Power operated trunk lid that could be opened and closed by waiving your foot under the rear bumper.

Driving impressions:
  • The car was very quiet, it had a firm but comfortable ride and it handled well. Overall it was a VERY pleasant experience and I would be happy to drive one of these every day but it wasn’t quite The Ultimate Driving Machine. The car seemed to emphasize luxury over sport.
  • The biggest disappointment was the engine. The engine was smooth and quiet but it just didn’t have enough power coming off the line.

  • The heads-up display was distracting. In daily use I would probably wind up turning it off.
  • The audio system was nothing to write home about. It sounded very digital.
  • My biggest gripe was that the car was not properly set up by Hertz. There was a ton of adhesive on the driver’s door where tape had obviously been removed. The tire information had not been set so every time I started the car up, I got a warning message that the tires had been changed. Once I did set the tire size the tire pressure monitor let me know that the tires were significantly overfilled.

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At Hertz IND, I counted 10 white BMW 530i in the reserved section. Fully loaded and very nice.
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Very surprised that this was available in the PC aisle.
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Originally Posted by m907 View Post
Very surprised that this was available in the PC aisle.
Me too. Still, I figured it was not my place to question the powers that be, When I returned they had one in the upgrade area and one parked on the sidewalk where they normally advertise their premium cars.
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I recently had one of these for a week and pretty much concur with OP's ride report. Handling quite good, especially in sport mode. Very comfortable freeway cruiser but still a lot of fun on twisty-turny country backroads where I put it through its paces. The car is definitely not overpowered, though (as OP confirmed). Sure, it will accelerate smartly but it's not going to snap your neck and that little engine and blower will let you know they're working pretty hard to move that much German sheet metal.

A few comments about trim: my 530i had vinyl upholstery or whatever proprietary name BMW slaps on its fake leather. No HUD on the unit I drove or if it had a HUD I never found it and I went pretty deep through all the menu options.

No radar cruise control (thank you, these systems are invariably way too sensitive) and the lane keeping assist stick shaker was about the mildest one I have experienced in any car that has such a feature (even with the stick shaker set at its most extreme setting).

Also worth noting that the car only had a stick shaker, not a stick pusher. Unlike, say, a new fully loaded Honda Accord.
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