Advice on Hertz rewards points booking

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Advice on Hertz rewards points booking

Hi all,

I'll be shortly making a week long Hertz booking using my rewards points during our upcoming vacation in the US - i've never used my points before. My company has given approval to use our corporate account to get a better rate (if it works out), although any actual costs will be charged to my French credit card. I have 5* status, but probably won't reach PC before the trip in September. Before i book a few questions:

Is it correct to think that 3rd party insurance (to cover against another drivers loss due to my fault/responsibility) is already included by Hertz in the basic "cost" of the rental? Or does that get bundled with the CDW, etc?

I need to take CDW/LDW/whatever rental insurance as it's not included in my hertz profile/rate - can anyone recommend a "decent" rental insurance company? I guess it's better to get one based in the US rather than one from the EU? I'm happy to pay a little extra to get better cover for "everything" rather than simply [the cheapest], and also for a company that's easier to deal with in case it comes to a claim.

If i do try and get a quote including CDW, then it's impossible to be able to pay any part of the whole rental with reward points although i otherwise have many times enough ->"you do not have enough points...". (Having changed the profile to include it) Even if i try the smallest car for just 1 day anywhere still not enough points. Is this Hertz' way to say "you can't book a car including CDW"?

I know the US in general doesn't require IDPs, but seems like that theoretically certain specific states do. It seems like MO does not, but does anyone definitively know if TN does?

The booking will be in the US, my credit card is based in France and my employers contract is "registered" in the UK. Does it make any difference whether i make the booking through the US, UK or French Hertz site over any of the others? Trying to find IDP information on any state's driving license web site is less than informative

I am aware that we get a complementary additional driver included. Should i add my wife at the time of booking, or wait until we collect the car?

Thanks for any advice.


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