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People Are Being Jailed as Hertz Wrongly Reports Rentals Stolen

People Are Being Jailed as Hertz Wrongly Reports Rentals Stolen

Old May 17, 19, 12:31 am
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People Are Being Jailed as Hertz Wrongly Reports Rentals Stolen


According to ABC Action News, these affected customers ended up in handcuffs and in the back of a police car in the majority of the cases. A few people were even met with the business ends of a firearm and were taken into custody forcefully after disagreeing with police. Some actually endured the terrible experience of spending a few hours in jail—but a few either spent considerable time behind bars— once case resulting in two weeks in prison. However, almost every time, erroneously charged renters are still fighting the charges they received in court and all the fines that come along with them.
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Old May 17, 19, 12:47 am
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I don't understand - are these stolen vehicle reports sent to the police without any human sign-off?
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Old May 17, 19, 12:09 pm
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The first case is pretty bizarre. The rental was $4200! The renter got so fed up of being hassled by Hertz to turn the car back in she actually went there to check it was authorized. Then they still reported it as stolen. A manager attended the police station to report it so there were multiple opportunities for someone to actually look into the case. So weird. I hope the renter got a decent payout! I dont understand how or why she was pulled over the second time. Very strange case.

It looks like the actual details of the case (which is pretty old - article is from last year and case is 2013) aren't available anymore. Just denial of the summary motion. http://www.courts.phila.gov/pdf/opinions/151103380_1242017102452256.pdf
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Old May 20, 19, 2:46 pm
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It doesn't shock me that Hertz would inadvertently report vehicles stolen.

I have a family member whose Hertz car was actually stolen (by someone else) a few years ago. He promptly reported it, filed all the appropriate paperwork, and the whole cost was covered by Chase's card benefit services thanks to the primary loss/damage coverage on his Chase card.

He thought everything was settled and continued using Hertz. He'd get periodic robocalls reminding him to return his "overdue" call, and each time he'd ask to talk to a rep and they'd assure him that it had been resolved. Then months later he arrived somewhere at midnight and was told by the Hertz clerk that he was on a "no rent" list and they couldn't tell him why. Which was particularly strange since he'd rented and returned a Hertz car without incident in a different city that very same day. It took a couple of weeks of phone calls to find someone at Hertz who could actually fix his record so he could rent from them again.

So I can definitely imagine Hertz reporting a legitimately rented car as stolen. And I can definitely imagine the police in some parts of the US going nuts if they noticed a "stolen" car driving through their town.
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