Renting at AMS, How Likely is an Upgrade?

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Renting at AMS, How Likely is an Upgrade?

Amazingly I can't find a thread for AMS (Amsterdam Schiphol) for Hertz. I need to rent a car for 3 weeks this summer. Hertz prices are competitive, but not really the best available. If I could be reasonably sure I would get an upgrade that would make the difference. I do have PC status so I'm wondering how likely I would be to receive an upgrade at this airport. I want an automatic. An intermediate is quite a bit more expensive (+ 50%) than a compact, but if I would get a full size it would probably be worth it. If I get a compact or an economy would I get the one class upgrade? Thanks for any help!
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As per the link below, Amsterdam (AMS) is one of the few non-US locations which provides Gold Choice. It clearly states that as a President's Circle member you are automatically eligible for a 1 class upgrade.

My understanding is that at any non-US location not listed on that page, upgrades are not guaranteed and are at the discretion of the location.
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Thanks, I'm a little confused. It says I only need to rent a compact for "Gold Choice" so does that mean there is no advantage to renting an intermediate? Or am I likely to get a better car renting an intermediate? Are full size cars likely to be in the "Gold Choice" area? I'd really like to get an estate/wagon if that is a possibility, but renting one costs more than double the price of a compact.

Edit: Reading the LHR thread it doesn't seem like "Gold Choice" is an upgrade. So it's basically a one class upgrade, I guess.

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I rent at AMS all the time. Gold choice is not functional there at all, but they have a very diverse selection of cars, and they upgrade PC customers very consistently.

If you want to guarantee an automatic transmission, book and automatic Compact class (slightly more expensive than manual) for an upgrade to an automatic midsize

Estate/Wagons are almost guaranteed if you want one. In the worst case, it would be a Ford C-max (terrible for a highway, excellent for Ikea

At AMS location they are also good at negotiating interesting upgrades on the spot for PC customers similar to premium upgrades in the US locations - but you have to ask for that yourself.

Very important: if you use your credit card for insurance, it comes with a limit for vehicle MSRP of $50K (basic) or $75 / 100K for premium rental protection programs. The car taxes are insane in The Netherlands, and a simple Mercedes E-class or Audi A4 could put you over that limit. So, if you go for a fun car, always check it's insurance price (visible in Euros once they print out the contract)
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