Good-bye and Good Luck Hertz Customers!

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Cool Good-bye and Good Luck Hertz Customers!

To all the Hertz customers I've helped out over the last 10 years,

I just want to say that it's been my pleasure to do whatever I could to help out those times when you had trouble finding someone to listen. It was never my "job" but I'm a firm believer that every single employee is in the customer service business. I'm no longer actively working for the company as of a few weeks ago. If you tried to e-mail me at Hertz and you couldn't get through, I apologize.

You guys are a great bunch and as someone that was a steward of the Hertz brand for a very long time, you were and are sincerely appreciated! I always marveled at the way you all were so quick to assist each other every single day. You gave me a window into the customer experience that very few people in any business have access to. You kept me "connected" to the real world and a lot of my actions were informed by the experiences I read about here.

On that note, I also have to say sorry for those occasions when I noticed someone posting a $2 a day rate and reported it to the pricing department! "How Low Can You Go?" was one of my favorite threads......

Good luck to you all in the future. I'm not closing my account and I'll still answer DM's as best I can.

You never know. It's still possible that I'll pop up in another Flyertalk forum sometime soon.

Mike McDowell
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Good luck in your new role!
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You mean the National forum, right?
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If you want to see what I'm up to, check out this post from the Travel Buzz forum.

Mike McDowell
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Originally Posted by mmcdowell View Post
Does anyone care about this spam? Looks like you haven't posted regularly here in eight years.
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Thank you mmcdowell for your contributions as a Hertz rep. and helping out fellow Flyertalkers!
Best of luck on your new role.
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