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sabine04 Dec 13, 18 4:40 am

cdp 510 000
Hello, is it legal (valid) to use the cdp 510 000 in canada ?
Best regards

bacchus85 Dec 13, 18 4:55 am

Yes. If anybody asks, just tell them some stranger on the Internet said it was okay.

sabine04 Dec 13, 18 5:01 am

Thank you ! No need to justify ? Do you know the daily rate in canada for only SLI/ALI insurance (not cdw, ldw, pai) ? I don't find any thing about it...

cestmoi123 Dec 13, 18 8:20 am

If you're booking from the US for rental in Canada, then the Hertz website says "Liability protection up to a single limit of CAD1 Million per accident for bodily injury or property damage combined, is included."

ChevyCruze Dec 14, 18 9:28 pm
CDP 510000
What company / organization is this CDP associated with? Just did a dummy booking at MCO and an ICAR was $19.54 per day. So cheap!

jason8612 Dec 15, 18 8:13 am

Given that the CDP isn't public, nor there is a company name in it, I'll close this thread.
If one can find out where the CDP came from, please post and follow-up in the:

Jason8612 Hertz Mod

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