Hertz gave us a duff vehicle?


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Hertz gave us a duff vehicle?

Picked up a 2017 SUV Sunday at MIA from the Gold Canopy. Did not notice any external damage.
Keys in the car. Drove through barrier was given contract after showing license. Man at barrier did not check vehicle, nothing in papers indicated damage.

Few hours later notice body damage on right side just forward of rear wheel. Deep scratches. Either a tight turn or someone clipped the car. What is most interesting is that the damage is all marked with white crosses, i.e. Hertz have already seen it. I immediately return to MIA to argue my case. Eventually one guy looks at it and agrees, he makes note on the contract that this was pre-rental damage. He also says "why worry you have LDW".
Sure, but this isn't right damage was there before pickup.

Yesterday driving West to Naples (car has been in a garage for two days) we get an Oil Change warning. Scrolling in menu of the GMC and voila; 7% oil remaining. Further scrolling shows tyre pressure is uneven also. 30-34 31-33. Seems to us this car wasn't good for rental.

We are 150 miles from MIA... do I drive to the nearest Hertz office and get them to fix the issues or keep driving another week? Oil is not to mess with for the engine.
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First off, while Hertz is supposed to do an inspection before the vehicle is put on the lot for rent, I've never seen the person at the exit booth actually do a walk-around. I religiously walk around the vehicle myself and request that anything more than a scratch be noted on the paperwork. This is standard practice to make sure you are protected--all the more so outside the U.S. where they seem to be sticklers for this sort of thing.

Regarding the tire pressure, that's probably good for a rental fleet vehicle. Did you know that the vast majority of vehicle owner nevers check their tire pressure, and just wait until it's brought in for service to have it checked? Hertz probably does it a bit more often, but I am 100% certain it is not checked each time the vehicle is returned. If correct and even tire pressure are important to you, then it's a simple thing to check out the outset of the rental, and you can easily make adjustments as necessary. Expecting the rental company to be vigilant about this is unrealistic.

As for the oil issue, it's common for the oil change light to go on during a rental. This could be because the vehicle actually needs an oil change or because the sensor was not reset at the last oil change. The 7% reading you are probably seeing means that there is 7% left before it needs a change, and not that there is 7% of oil left in the vehicle. The former is no problem at all. The latter would be a big problem. You may want to open the hood and check the oil dipstick to confirm the actual vehicle oil level. If it is low, then you definitely should either swap the vehicle at a local Hertz office or add a quart or two of oil yourself.

Keep in mind one thing... You can certainly ask for a vehicle swap at any location, but they're probably not going to be happy about taking a vehicle that is damaged, so you may get a bit of pushback from the location management. Just a heads up.
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The GM "oil warning" is based on mileage since last reset, not oil level, and it's based on a configurable mileage interval if I remember right. There's a separate sensor/warning for low oil level and it will tell you to immediately shut down the car. As long as that is not the warning you're seeing, as AutoSlash noted you will be fine to drive the vehicle around.

Does MIA have the high-resolution damage cameras at the exit? You can't miss them, it's an array of white cameras and lights while you're heading out. Many (maybe most?) stations now have these, eliminating the need for a human check at exit.
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Nothing wrong with the car. Oil level is fine and tyre pressure is within acceptable range.
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Originally Posted by Petrus View Post
He also says "why worry you have LDW".
Sure, but this isn't right damage was there before pickup.
All the other answers to this thread are correct, but what you posted above is the key.

If you have LDW, then I absolutely am agreeing with the agent and questioning why on earth you're worrying.
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