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Consolidated "Renting at LAX; What Kind of Cars to Expect?" Thread

Old May 19, 2019, 4:20 pm
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January 2021 Update, courtesy of CalItalian:

Hertz, Dollar and Thrifty are now permanently combined in the Hertz facility until the move in a couple of years to the under construction consolidated car rental facility/garage a mile to the west on the corner of Arbor Vitae and La Cienega.

Returns do not allow agents to check in cars and provide in-person receipts; it has to be emailed. Contracts will not be closed until the vehicle has been sanitized. Be sure to take a photo of your dashboard (fuel gauge/mileage) and any other photos of the vehicle before you leave it in case there are any issues.
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Consolidated "Renting at LAX; What Kind of Cars to Expect?" Thread

Old Jun 10, 2024, 8:58 pm
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Granted it's been awhile since I was 5*, but don't you have to reserve at least a mid-size car to get access to the "choose your car" sections? Either way, I'd say your chances of getting an EV at LAX are very good indeed. Absolute worst case, you can go into the gold booth and tell them you changed your mind on the car class and want to change to an EV (I wouldn't bother with cancelling your original reservation and making a new one).
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Old Jun 14, 2024, 11:12 pm
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Originally Posted by harryxm
How likely will I be assigned an EV (e.g., model 3) if I just book the cheapest "Economy" (described as "Can be electric vehicle or similar") at LAX?

I am relatively new to Hertz and got the five-star membership through cc perks. Can I place a pay-later "Economy" order to secure a spot, (2) wait until arriving at the location and check the five-star selection for EVs, (3) if they assign me an EV for the pay-later "Economy" order, let's go; if not, cancel the "Economy" order and immediately place a pay-now "standard/mid-size" order to grab an EV?
Any EV other than the model 3 or Y. I've had it happen before as a PC to get a Tesla with a midsize or below, but it's super rare. Any other EV it's easy to get. Follow the advice above and get a Polestar 2 without paying extra.

Normally you cannot get Ultimate Choice in Gold/5*/PC unless it's midsize or above. Manager special is excluded. But if they are running out of cars, they might just forget about the rules and you pick from the slim pickings.
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Old Jul 2, 2024, 12:10 pm
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Was at LAX on Sunday 6/23
Probably one of the best days in a while.

PC Notable mentions:

Multiple S60/XC60
GLC 300 and C300
2024 Santa Fe Hybrid, tagged K6
2024 Tucson Plugin Limited, tagged Q4
Multiple brand new 2025 Camry all in base LE trim (now in hybrid only), tagged E6
Lots of outback in limited and onyx trims
2x new gen mustang 1 convertible 1 hardtop
1 Atlas
A few brand new CX5

Multiple brand new Jetta and Elantra
1 x 2024 Prius with 25k miles

Probably the best selection if not one of since COVID
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Old Jul 5, 2024, 6:08 am
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What cars can i expect from the five star rows at LAX?
I'm seeing a lot of PC and Gold cars mentioned but rarely five star.
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Old Jul 8, 2024, 10:34 pm
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Was a bit nervous about using hertz after the recent reviews, but had a seamless experience here today. Monday about 3:30pm - Arrived off a long haul flight, to the shuttle pick up to see the hertz bus driving away. Expecting a long wait until the next one, was surprised when the next one actually arrived about 1 minute later. Half empty, easy bus ride to the lot. PC selection was pretty abysmal though - dozens of malibus and altimas and one solitary nissan rogue. After about 10 minutes an employee turned up with a Ford Edge, not sure of the model but leather look seats etc and low mileage. Interacted with 2 employees who were disinterested and dismissive but got the job done.
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Old Jul 10, 2024, 12:18 am
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Just had an incredibly frustrating experience at LAX. Yes, some of it was self-inflicted, but I want to call out this location for poor/confusing signage, and also the staff seem to have a very non-customer centric vibe with some very bad attitudes, and snarkiness.

Arrived after a very long TPAC flight, and was very tired and not in the best of moods - which normally happens anytime I return to the US from Japan and Taiwan and need to adjust from a "how can I help you" culture to a "drop dead, we don't give a damn" culture, and generally given about 1 hr to do it. Asked where the Presidents Circle cars were setup, and was directed to the first canopy which appeared to be marked Presidents Circle - yet what was not clear were the 'reserved' markings over some of the stalls. I saw a Polestar that I had tried to book, but it was clearly marked 'reserved' so I went to another row under the canopy and found an almost new Kia EV to take instead.

Spent time getting the car setup, added it to my 91 Express account (free tolls for EVs), and off we went. At the booth we were stopped and told the car was in a reserve spot - I protested quite firmly that it was taken from the PC canopy, as that is what both of us saw. The car was clearly under the canopy. There was a lot of back and forth, and I could hear the manager over the radio and the bad attitude and sarcasm just set me off, so no, I was not the friendliest of citizens and that was on me, I will own that - but there were far different ways for the staff to have handled this without the sarcasm, attitude and laughing, and no, this is not how a PC member should be treated.

Ultimately the manager showed up, not the station manager but the "lot manager" who was absolutely firm the car came from the reserved section - so we all drove back there and when I approached the canopy from the other side, the spaces were marked reserved. So yes, that was our mistake, and I admitted it, but the signage was very badly designed and could easily be confused for being PC spaces.

So all in all a very not-happy experience - bad signage, bad attitudes, and when the next exit clerk was checking us out in our replacement car and I wanted the bumper damage noted on the contract, he had his own sarcasm routine complete with a "Q+A" asking me if I knew why they don't mark up bumper damage (answer: because of luggage). Could that have been explained in a far different manner? Yes, without the attitude. Then when the rental contract printed out, the amount was different from the confirmation - when I waited to look through it carefully before driving off, he demanded I leave immediately because "he had a line".

So a lot of room for improvement at this location, but I will give some of it a grain of salt as Hertz is a failing company on so many fronts, it's hard to prioritize customer service and customer centric communication when you've made so many operational and strategic blunders it's hard to imagine why and how you're still in business.
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