Amex travel insurance

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Amex travel insurance

Does anyone know if it's worth getting insurance from Hertz if you're paying with an amex card (specifically platinum). I remember hearing that there is accident insurance built into the card, but not sure what the coverage is like.
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I used to work for Enterprise RAC - so this is my experience. Also, I can't speak for Platinum - but I can for AMEX Gold (The $300 for me just wasn't worth the Plat.)

Gold (and now Platinum cards)including all AMEX, MC, VISA and the new Signature VISA etc) usually only have secondary insurance coverage ON RENTALS IN THE USA. So, if you got in an accident - your primary car insurance (like State Farm - your personal auto insurance from your vehicle at home in the garage) would be expected to cover the accident. Also, even if at home your a no fault state - or you would expect the "other guys" insurance to pay for it with out even filing with State Farm (the accident was the other persons fault) -- when in a rental - the rental company usually will file a claim on your insurance - get the claim settled - and let your insurance company work it out with the other person. Their argument - it isn't their place to find fault - they need you to pay for your damage and fix the car. You can deal with your insurance company on the ultimate responsibility etc. after the fact.

So, for your question: Plat or Gold ccard insurance is secondary IN USA rentals to your personal policy. IF YOU DON'T own a personal car/policy - then ?I think? it becomes primary coverage.

When travelling outside the USA (like Europe) your gold card is the PRIMARY insurance - so your home company (State Farm) is not usually involved.

Few exceptions: some countries are not covered (former/current East European, Italy etc). In Italy - rental car insurance is mandatory and included in all rates - so the ccard isn't involved - no matter what the accident. Also, some "luxury" cars or mini-bus or trucks aren't covered usually by ccard insurance.

Another key point: in order to have the insurance coverage - the credit card company usually requires the ENTIRE RENTAL be charged on that card. You can't just "have a Platinum card" you actually have to use it for that rental.

When I used my Gold AMEX card - the first time in Europe - I called AMEX and they refered me to the Insurance team - and confirmed my coverage.

You may want to call AMEX and ask for a copy of the Rental Car Insurance policy for a upcoming trip - they may send you to another office - but eventually you will get the info.
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If you want the card to provide the PRIMARY insurance, you will have to use DinersClub. They are the only card that does this (that I know of)- and most people that cary this card do so becuase of the car rental insurance.

You can go to any of these card websites and look at what they offer.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by MSP Flyer:
I used to work for Enterprise RAC - so this is my experience. Also, I can't speak for Platinum - but I can for AMEX Gold (The $300 for me just wasn't worth the Plat.)

I'm also an ex ERAC employee. Fortunatly, CDW is included in my Hertz corp. rate and I do not have to deal with the CDW issue. I have damaged three Hertz cars in the last few years and it is nice to not have to deal with my insurance company.

Would I purchase CDW for a personal rental, probably not! Before I was PC with Hertz I was forced to rent from ERAC when Hertz was out of cars. When asked about CDW by the ERAC employee I stated that I used to work for ERAC and the girl just cringed and asked me to initial by decline, decline, decline.
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