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AutoSlash 2018-04-16 14:42:49

(Wikipost) The Official "Help me find a good rate with Hertz" CHALLENGE thread
Please follow this format when posting your request:
Pickup Location (airport, city, or ZIP code/postcode):
Dropoff Location (if different) (airport, city, or ZIP code/postcode):
Pickup Date and Time:
Return Date and Time:
Vehicle Size Preference:
Home Country (if not USA):
Memberships (AAA/USAA/airline FFP/Amex Plat/Cent etc):
Best Price you've found, Hertz or otherwise:
More information can be found on the first page of this thread.

Additionally, you can save time by having AutoSlash generate a quote for you up-front by clicking here, or if you've already got a rental booked, just click here to enter your info and AutoSlash will check to see if a lower rate is available.

If you're looking for a specialty vehicle from Hertz (something from the Prestige/Adrenaline/Green Collections), it is helpful if you can specify the four-letter car size code (i.e. ICAR, MVAR, etc.) shown on the Hertz website for the specific vehicle you're looking for.


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