Hertz Declining Quality of Service ??

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Hertz Declining Quality of Service ??

Is it just me, or is Hertz going downhill?

I rent from Hertz very frequently, and my rentals are typically high-priced, weekday rentals. Not enough to qualify for President's Club, but almost.

I find that the cars I get are old, smelly, and I often don't get the car I requested. Last week, I received a Chevy Suburban instead of a sedan. Try negotiating that beast through downtown Boston! As an inducement to take it anyway after I complained, the agent told me it had satellite radio. It did have it, but it hadn't been activated so it was worthless.

This week's car reeks of smoke, the steering wheel is dirty and sticky, and it has 36K miles.

I frequently get station wagons, SUVs and mini-vans when I've requested a Sedan.

Also, Hertz has a phone menu from hell, and long wait times. Last time I tried to change a rental location, the recording said there was an 18-minute wait. There is no special phone number for frequent renters, such as Gold or Five-Star.

What I'm really asking is whether things would be any better at Avis or National? Not looking to switch, but I'm not feeling any love from Hertz. I called Customer Service. Their response: "register your complaints at our website". To quote a former Alaska governor: "Thanks, but no thanks."
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I agree 100%. I have had multiple horrible experiences from YYZ where 2 of the cars had to be replaced by roadside assistance as they were in such bad shape. The worst part is the generic response from customer support. By the way I already have 15 rentals from the year but still get 0 respect from the customer support reps.
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I don't think the decline in service at Hertz is recent, but sadly I don't think it's unique to Hertz either. All of the major car rental companies have been cutting costs like mad, resulting in things like crappier, older cars and fewer employees doing things like cleaning them. Shockingly, my last three Hertz rentals all had the car's computer telling me they were overdue for service/oil changes, so I assume the cost-cutting has gotten to the point where they're even delaying basic maintenance.

I was PC for two years and didn't really notice any difference. In fact, that was when the service quality decline began so if anything I found I was treated than years ago when I was basic gold. Until a car rental agency comes along to shake up the industry (and I often use the example of Virgin Atlantic/Virgin America at this point), they can all suck equally and we as consumers are simply stuck.
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Last year I was PC and im My humble opinion HERTZ standard is falling. Now five star and noticed no difference. it's sad but a sign of the times
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I have noticed an improvement in service in the USA and Australia over the past 24 months.

However, all cars seem to be equipped sparsely with not many options.

However, my last 6 or so rentals all had very low miles on it, 2000-4000 which was very good!
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Not so much on poor service, but I'd think it's time for Hertz to get its act together on fleet replacement, especially at high-use airport locations. Renting cars with over 50,000 miles and some 2008 models shouldn't be happening. Yes, I know about the economy, etc., and that they can't do full fleet replacement as often as in the past, but it's getting a bit much when we read and find cars that are really beat up, filthy, and over two years old. Doesn't make for happy customers, and some other rental companies seem to be replacing at least part of their fleets with newer cars.

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My last several rentals included cars with 30K miles wear and tear. I am sure it must be the economy and the fact Hertz is owned by financial company
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Originally Posted by FIKMM View Post
My last several rentals included cars with 30K miles wear and tear. I am sure it must be the economy and the fact Hertz is owned by financial company
In case you haven't noticed. Pretty much every company around the world has made cutbacks over the past 12-20 months.

So why would you expect Hertz to be any different ?

They are buying LOTS of new cars and things are definitely starting to improve
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Been getting crappy, high mileage cars, and no 5* upgrades. Go back 2 years and I was always getting upgrades to SUV's. Although that was sucky too when gas was almost $5/gallon. I guess you can never win.

Swearing that I'll try out Avis or National, but haven't gone there yet.
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National has become my company of choice for two big reasons:

--Being able to choose from several cars. Yes, sometimes the selection is thin, but it's always at least one more choice than Hertz gives you.

--With that choice comes the ability to easily find a car with XM activated, whereas with Hertz, you *might* get lucky but often you're stuck with AM and FM.
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I used to rent from National exclusively (we're talking 10-15 years ago) until I had two bad experiences too close together and I dropped them completely. In both cases, the Emerald Aisle (all they had back then, before the various levels of Emerald Club) was completely empty, but they wouldn't release any cars from the other "reserved" areas. Every time the bus came it dropped off more and more frustrated Emerald Club members who stood around waiting for cars to show up, one by one. And in one case (Newark airport) we were in a pretty miserable snow/sleet/freezing rain storm with no cover to huddle under while we waited. In both cases the staff and management were completely unconcerned. "What do you want me to do, sir? As you can see, we have no cars in the Emerald Aisle."

They haven't gotten a penny from me since.
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I am Plat with Hertz and I rent about 50 times a year and the last two rentals that I have had were not to what I have come to expect from Hertz. The last vehicle I received was a Toyota Camry, which is in the same class that I reserved and being Plat I am supposed to get upgraded. The car was clean but it smelled horribly of smoke. I was running late to a meeting so I took the car but I called and spoke to the manager who had me bring the car back and switched it to an Inifinite G37.

The time before that I was given a Grand Marquis, even thought I called the day before and specifically said that I DO NOT want one of those. I made the rep take me back to the lot and got a Lincoln Navigator instead.

Both of these were at the same location. Not sure if the quality of service is going down, but I was getting Escaldes, Inifinite's and Linclons.
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Thumbs down

Picked up a car today in Hartford, CT. Most stalls were full but my car was in the last possible spot (#154) and NOT under the canopy...and it was raining! So, the car was over 30k miles, no cruise control and no door lock remote! There was even someones CD in the CD player. I was very surprised to say the least. I'm #1 Club Gold and this is not the level of service that I am used to at Hertz. If I wasn't in a hurry I would have gotten another vehicle.
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There's no question about it. I was PC until this year and was downgrading because they did not record my ~25 non-US rentals last year. I am now having lots of trouble reserving the same car I regularly rent at NCE 10-12 times per year because it cannot be done online anymore, nobody knows why, and the telephone agents cannot find the car nor the rate. I'm fuming! The web service agent, a very nice and competent lady, did eventually solve the problem, but she doubts that I'll avoid having to do the same thing again.
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HERTZ SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terrible CDP codes out there, much much better everything with Avis.... I converted and now give Avis all my 100 + rentals a year.
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