Wish I was there

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Wish I was there

I'd trade a sunset on Maui for all of the Christmas lights you could find. Not that I dislike Christmas, just . . . well, if you're on this board, you get it.
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Actually, It has been very rainy here in the Islands the last three days or so.

The sun came out today though.

But get your point, the sunsets here in HI are amazing.
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Even a "Green Flash" sunset!
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I would gladly stand in the rain, and eat a wet turkey sandwich for Christmas in Hawaii, as opposed to being where I am. (And there are lots of lights.)
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I agree. This is the first year that I have enjoyed the holidays in HI.

Although it rained many days last week in Kauai, I muched preferred dealing with a warm rain and mid-70's vs. the sunniest 20 degree day in MI!! Better yet was the low-80's so far on the BI.
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I'm just wishing for a vog free rain free Christmas!
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We were in Kauai last week and the Christmas decorations were adorable. We found getting into the Christmas spirit was quite easy on the Islands.
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