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patricia Mar 8, 04 10:53 pm

B of A Hawaiian Miles Visa..flawed credit of miles this month
Got my February Statement from B of A with 0 miles accrued Called Customer Service and got the circular electronic thing finally after about 3 customer service rep. I asked if they had posted knowledge...told me she would query the system and I would get email in 48 hours or less

No response waited a week and tried again as miles normally post on statement date

Got surly rep who had no answers and told me my file showed that query in place so nothing new she could do

Suggested I contact Hawaiian Air I did via email on a sunday and had response in less than 24 hours that files from B of A had not transferred correctly and would receive miles with March statement

Guess I won't be using B of A for my banking needs ....wish HA was still with Wells Fargo

Before anyone else gets heartburn from them..thought I would post answer

JT808 Mar 9, 04 5:26 am

Hey Patricia, the same thing happened with me. They didn't post my earned miles on my last statement and I had to call their terrible customer service department. I just checked my hawaiian miles account and the miles were posted.

BUT I have a bigger problem. Back in December I received a promo for 2 miles for every $1 of purchases from now till March 31, 2004. So I just called their Customer Service to ask where my bonus miles were they didn't know what I was talking about.

I'm wondering if you received the same promo? Could you email me at the email in my profile?

Anyone else receive this promo?

Bank of America Customer Service is terrible!

Mahalo, JT

slippahs Mar 9, 04 12:50 pm

patricia: hope you get your problem resolved.

HA's partnership with B of A is one of the reasons why I cancelled and just kept my Aloha AirAwards card since they deal with the local FHB and there's easier access.


patricia Mar 10, 04 1:56 am

I am thinking about dumping the card (B of A)
if my miles don't post correctly next month

I had good experiences with Wells Fargo

I just use so many of the supercharged merchants for dining that I can crank miles and my hubbie likes to use my perks for trips to MKK and LAS

I may just go back to NWA....

flyhawaii Mar 10, 04 4:33 am

One alternative is to get a Bank of Hawaii check card and you do earn Hawaiian Miles and get local customer service.

JENNIEB Mar 10, 04 8:12 am


This has also happened to my husband and I as well. But we actually need these miles cause we have award tickets on hold and I need the miles in order to get a ticket for me. I am short like 2500 miles roughly. This is the 2nd extension with HA I have to put them on hold. But I guess this is their problem not mine. (It is becoming my problem though)

So far this has not happend to my Visa but it happend to my husbands. He is still waiting for his miles. They said it happened to only people whose billing cycle closed on the 22/23rd date where as mine closes on the 9/10th date. There was a clitch in the system. We learned all of this after several phone calls. We shall see.

On the mainland we have used Bank of America as our primary bank for years and loved them. No complaints but the credit card HA Visa-not so sure.


[email protected]

AZ Travels the World Mar 10, 04 10:11 am

I've had a BofA card with America West Flight Fund for many years. I also had the Wells Fargo HA card that automatically turned into the BofA version last year.

I can honestly say that I have never had a points-related problem in all my years. My points post like clock-work each month -- in fact, the points are almost always posted to my accounts before I even receive the bill from BofA.

Hopefully this is an isolated problem and they'll get the system working properly. If so, I think you'll be pretty happy with it.

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