HA Grows Faster than AQ

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HA Grows Faster than AQ

Hawaii's two major local airlines aren't the same size any more. Hawaiian Airlines carried almost 1 million more passengers than Aloha Airlines last year, a quarter more passengers than its major rival.

An analysis of 2003 passenger statistics by Pacific Business News also finds a great deal of difference in passenger volume carried to Hawaii by the big five U.S. carriers, with United bringing half again more people to Hawaii than any of its direct rivals. Among international rivals, Japan Airlines carried twice as many people to Hawaii as All Nippon Airways.

In the following roster of locally-based airlines, the numbers reflect the number of passengers whose flights landed in Hawaii in 2003, regardless of whether those flights also took off in Hawaii or, in the case of Hawaiian and Aloha, left from somewhere else:

1. Hawaiian: 4,663,697.
2. Aloha: 3,686,709.
3. Island Air: 307,655.
4. Pacific Wings: 35,990.

In the following roster of major airlines, the numbers represent the passengers they brought to Hawaii destinations in 2003:

1. United: 1,623,398 (142,616 from Japan).
2. American: 981,457.
3. JAL: 740,070. (583,907 on JAL flights and 156,163 on charter subsidiary Jalways).
4. Northwest: 623,538 (284,462 from Japan).
5. Delta: 467,731.
6. Continental: 413,515 (98,983 Continental Micronesia).
7. ATA: 342,036.
8. PAL: 161,051.
9. Air Canada: 146,632.
10. Omni Air: 134,476.
11. ANA: 92,090 (14,700 on ANA flights and 77,390 on charter subsidiary Air Japan).

This is actually quite interesting number. However, it's no surprise that HA is growing larger and faster than AQ... Just something interesting to read.

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