14 Hours At The Airport

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Angry 14 Hours At The Airport

Our family of four had a flight to Honolulu on the 26 of June at 9 in the morning. We arrived to the lobby of San Jose Airport at 7 am and met with a lady to get our tickets, who then told us that there was going to be a two hour delay. Okay, that was fine. We went through the metal detectors, got all our luggage, and went to the sitting area where Hawaiian Airlines was going to board. We sat there till around 10 and they said one more hour delay. Okay, it’s still okay. An hour passed and they said one hour delay. Whenever we asked why or when can we board, the people that worked there said,”We/I don’t know.” That was their answer for everything. Another hour and they said two hours delay. This kept on happening till around 7 in the evening, when they said that they’ll get the final verdict at 9. 9 came, and they cancelled the flight. Now here’s my problem, we booked a vacation package to Hawaii with Costco Travel so we had to arrive and check into a hotel that day. We also had a activities we booked tickets for in the Costco package that was on the same day. When Hawaiian Airlines cancelled the flight at 9 pm, every passenger was mad and disappointed so they offfered a hotel voucher for those who don’t live in San Jose and a five hundred credit that you can use within a year starting from the day it was issued with Hawaiian Airlines. They offered the people they separated booked a flight that wasn’t from Costco, a flight the next day and they would be able to use that 500 credit on that flight. We, on the other hand, cannot go on the next flight the morning after because we booked exactly 4 days and 3 nights for the Costco Package that had Hotel, Activities, and a vehicle to get us to the hotel and to the airport. Because Hawaiian Airlines cancelled the flight we missed a whole day of our vacation, our hotel for that day cost was 500 dollars, we haven’t even done anything and 500 dollars is just gone. Hawaiian Airlines is at fault and they need to take responsibility. We’ve been saving up for this trip and now, not only can we not go, we’ve lost money. Our children are very disappointed and if we don’t get compensation for our time, we will bring this up to our lawyers and we will sue.
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If you used the Costco credit card to pay for the trip you should be covered for lost expenses through their trip delay insurance. I would call as soon as you can and see what documentation you need.
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Quite frankly - I'm very surprised Hawaiian even offered $500 in goodwill compensation. Hawaiian notoriously lowballs goodwill compensation or offers nothing.

Anyway, airlines are not responsible monetarily for your time, lost activities, disappointment, etc - you'll just get further frustrated. Even if a shady lawyer took your case - the only winner will be the lawyer for whatever fees you paid.
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I’m sorry this happened. Very frustrating.

Costco Travel is basically a travel agent. Call them and ask for help with either a refund or a rebooking. Because you bought your tickets from Costco Travel, Hawaiian’s relationship for the ticket purchase is with Costco Travel. Hopefully Costco Travel can help you with this!
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In this situation, HA could have rebooked you for the next day and then extended your return for a day. It is impossible to be certain, but most hotels will extend your reservation in these circumstances if you call the second you know that there is a problem. While it would have been an additional financial hit, at worst, you would have been out the extra night in Hawaii (and that might have been covered under your travel insurance.

While this was unfortunate for you and not to blame you, but for the benefit of others, when funds are tight, it is even more important to have fully reviewed what your options are and who will pay for them if things go wrong. Here, knowing that everything might be covered, might have still let you go on your trip, just a day later in each direction.
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In this particular situation, Costco is your travel agency. After the first delay, I would have called Costco immediately. As a travel agent, they could have potentially booked you on an alternative set of flights and saved your vacation. Minimally, they could have potentially arranged to have you hotel and flights extended by a day. That's the job of a travel agent.

The airline is responsible on for the flight portion of your vacation and is governed by their contract of carriage. You may want to search for it on HA's website. Again, the best option would have been to call Costco travel after the first or second delay and ask them how you were going to get to your destination. At the outstations, HA has very limited aircraft and very little way to substitute a new aircraft compared to other domestic carriers.
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