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Consolidated "Hawaiian Airlines Toolbar" thread

Consolidated "Hawaiian Airlines Toolbar" thread

Old Apr 8, 13, 8:32 am
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Consolidated "Hawaiian Airlines Toolbar" thread

When the month changed from March to April, my toolbar has still shown the March search balance...it never went back to zero, so I am not earning anymore. Anyone know how to handle this? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but it still show the March balance.

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Old Jun 16, 13, 3:27 am
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Hawaiian Air toolbar hijacked?

Has anyone's HA Milesfinder toolbar changed in the past few weeks? I noticed mines reset, and looks a little different. Even the way it awards the points and such changed. I use to get my search miles into my account every seven days but now I haven't got anything since 5/29. I just hope I didn't unknowingly replace it with some rogue lookalike search bar.
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Old Jun 16, 13, 9:00 pm
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My HA toolbar hasn't been working right since the beginning of 2013 when I reached the monthly mileage cap.

I haven't been able to earn any miles for searches since it's been stuck there. And it's been stuck at that cap since the first week of January 2013 and hasn't budged despite additional searches.

Needless to say I've given up on it.

As far as the "hack" perhaps others can chime in.

Welcome to FlyerTalk.
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Old Jul 1, 13, 1:53 pm
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I was not able to get any search miles between 11/7/2012 and 4/10/13. The 11/7/12 post reads RewardsBar Search while the 4/10/13 reads MileFinder search. From 4/10 until 5/29 I had regular points posting, but nothing since. I had right around 1600 searches or about 533 miles in June, but nothing has posted. Of course, I didn't take a screen shot. I guess we'll see what happens
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Old Jul 9, 13, 12:00 pm
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Like OP, I've not had any miles post since 5/29 despite doing quite a few searches in June and early July. Before that I would get a small dose of miles every 7 days or so.

As for the different look of the toolbar -- yes, I noticed this as well although the change was rather subtle. In late May it seems the software was updated. Previously, I could search practically endlessly (actually I think the limit was like 15000 searches/month = 5000 miles but I never approached that). Now the limit is 99 searches per day before it maxes out. The counter augments faster than before. In the past, it would take a minute or more before it "moved". Now it upticks in seconds.

Anyway, I don't know if the toolbar is worthwhile anymore if they aren't posting miles reliably. I'll probably stick with it for a little longer but it's not a good sign that the software got updated and miles stopped posting.
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Old Jul 9, 13, 6:58 pm
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Same for me. Nothing has posted since 5/29 and my layout changed around the same time. Also around that time I noticed that for a day my search counter switched over to saying something like "maximum earned" even though I wasn't even close to the maximum. As far as I can tell even though the counter reset after that, nothing has actually credited.
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Old Jul 18, 13, 2:31 am
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I have only started using the Miles Finder tool bar in early June so I cant comment on the differences in how it looks. Unfortunately I have not seen any miles posted either

I tried contacting HA by email from their website to ask about another miles issue with my account and I advised that I would like an answer before I purchased two international tickets SYD-HNL return. Despite writing back to say they will be in touch in 7 business days, this was on June 16th, they have NOT bothered to come back to me with an answer. Pretty bad customer service IMHO! In that time period, I consequently booked with Jetstar when they had a great sale, so maybe in a way, HA saved me approx $800 on what it would have cost me to fly HA

I am not looking forward to trying to get the tool bar miles to post. HA just dont seem to care about miles issues and whoever manages their email correspondence is certainly not fast or efficient!
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Old Jul 30, 13, 8:35 pm
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Thumbs up

Miles for the toolbar posted in the last day or so.

Activity dates are from 5/29 to 7/17.
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Old Jul 31, 13, 7:32 am
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Same for me, moo-moo
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Old Aug 2, 13, 9:56 am
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They have definitely capped the miles at 33 per day, which works out to 1000 over a month's period (999 in 30 days)...so I guess the 5000 a month has gone away.
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Old Oct 24, 13, 10:37 am
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Does anyone still use the Hawaiian Airlines toolbar?

I still have it on my browser since the United one went away. But lately it seems that I am not getting a lot of points for searching. Feels so slow. Any new toolbars to look at or stay with HA?
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Old Dec 15, 13, 5:15 am
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MIne stopped Working after 240 searches

I tried IE, Chrome, Firefox.. its just stuck and all the time it says i didnt perform valid search. Regardless what i type .

And its been like this for a week.. Any thoughts?
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Old Feb 3, 14, 6:18 pm
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just downloaded the tool bar it says not earning, but when i search it says 17 searches>5miles am i earning or not and if not how do i fix this? I know these things are very temperamental.
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Old Dec 12, 14, 8:38 am
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Does this still work? I have 75k miles expiring Jan 17th so I'm trying to drum up some easy, quick activity to extend the expiration on my account. I've done a few searches, when does it post miles to my Hawaiian account? The OP mentioned 7 days, is that still correct?
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Old Dec 14, 14, 1:16 pm
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Originally Posted by Superorb View Post
Does this still work? I have 75k miles expiring Jan 17th so I'm trying to drum up some easy, quick activity to extend the expiration on my account. I've done a few searches, when does it post miles to my Hawaiian account? The OP mentioned 7 days, is that still correct?
For me, yes; roughly every 7 to 10 days.
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