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Term Definition
U Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
UA United Airlines
UA Metal a plane that UA operates. The flight number could still be that of another (Star Alliance) carrier. This has a bearing on earned mileage and other MP benefits.
UAE United Arab Emirates
UAX synonym for UX, United Express
UC United Club
UC Business class on VS (Upper Class).
UC Unable to accept, waitlist, cancel and request alternate flight. Passenger is not confirmed and is not waitlisted.
UD Upper Deck on larger aircraft, like the 744.
UDH FlyerTalk memberUnofficialDLHelper, who is employed by Delta Air Lines.UnofficialDLHelperanswers questions and offers advice pertaining to Delta Air Lines but isnotofficially a representative of Delta Air Lines in the Delta forum on FlyerTalk.
UDU Unlimited Domestic Upgrade - for Executive Platinum ("domestic" = USA, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda and Central America)
UFC Upgrade For Cash
UFU Unlimited Free Upgrades - See UDU
UGS, GS United Global Services - Nota bona-fide status level and by invitation only. Likely based on money spent or influence over spending money on UA.
UM Unaccompanied Minor. A child traveling alone. Special arrangements can be made with most airlines to have the child escorted to the plane and met at the destination(s). If a connection is involved, an agent will meet the UM at the gate and escort him/her to a special room with supervision.
UN Transaero Airlines
UN Unable to confirm or waitlist request. Flight not operating.
Uncle Leo The name adapted by some Delta forum FlyerTalk members for Leo Mullin, former chief executive officer of Delta Air Lines.
United.Bomb A reference to United Airline's website - generally meant to be uncomplimentary.
UPGRADE (UG) Transferring to a higher class of service or accommodation, such as from coach to first. Upgrades may be one-class upgrades (see ONE-CLASS) or jump several classes of service.
Upgrade Lottery The process in which there are more SkyMiles Medallion members at the gate that there are available upgrades on that particular aircraft, which usually results in a selection process as to who is fortunate enough to get upgraded and who is not.
US Unserviceable / out of service
US Unable to sell. Have waitlisted.
US US Airways
USPC UnitedStatesPreClearance - Facility at some foreign airports (eg. SNN, DUB) to clear US immigration and customs enabling the flight to arrive as a "domestic" flight.
UTB Un-TicketedBaby aka lap baby
UTC Universal Coordinated Time (see GMT, Zulu Time)
UU Unable. Have waitlisted.
UUA Upgrade Using Avios
UX, UAX United Express - Commuter flights using smaller RJ, EX or CRJ planes, run by independent contractors, under contract to UA