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Term Definition
T Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
T/O Take off
T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 Terminal numbers
T5A, T5B, T5C London Heathrow Terminal 5 and Satellites
TA Travel Agent
TA Ticketing Agent
TAS True Air Speed (usually in knots)
TATL Transatlantic
TBIT Tom Bradley International Terminal/LAX
TBOH Time a Between Major Overhaul
TCAS Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System
TCON or Transcon Transcontinental flight
TCP To Complete Party
TCV or eCert Transportation Credit Voucher, good discounts on a published fare. Often earned as a PM or DM choice benefit, or issued by customer care to resolve a complaint.
TDC Travel Document Checker = TSO's tasked with matching ID to boarding passes
Ted A United subsidiary established to compete with the low-cost carriers, in contrast with PS
TFTG Tales From The Galley
TG Thai Airways
TH Thomas Hudson
The Speech A phrase coined by PremEx that a passenger must give to the gate agent before a flight letting the agent know that the passenger is willing to give up their seat should there be a need for it (if the flight is oversold). If this is the case, the passenger offering the seat could be offered compensation (search the numerous threads to find what this could/should be), or an upgrade on the flight. Search this out as well, as you can see examples of exactly how it works! 
Three-Striper Number of stripes on a TSO's epaulet indicating supervisory rank. 
THRESHOLD BONUS An incentive offered to members of a program's elite level. Additional miles or points are awarded to members who reach a specific membership level or "threshold."
Through Makes a stop or more
Throwaway ticketing See: "Hidden city ticketing"
TITCR This Is The Credited Response
TIV Trip in Vain
TIX Short for tickets
TK Schedule change for confirmed segment.
TK Turkish Airlines
TL Schedule change for waitlisted segment.
TN Schedule change for requested segment.
TOD Tens of dollars (used by UA flyers to refer to upgrades sold more cheaply to those without status than available to those with status)
TP Tier Points
TP TAP - Air Portugal
TPAC Trans-PACific
TRACON Terminal Radar Approach Control
transcon flight crossing U.S. coast-to-coast (Atlantic & Pacific coasts)
Transfer considered to be a layover or connection up to a certain maximum allowed connecting time
Travelport Electronic reservations system used by many airlines and travel agents.
TRSA Thunderstorms and rainshowers. When suffixed with "+", generally expect flow or ground stop.
TSA Transportation Security Administration (U.S.) - part of the Department of Homeland Security.
TSA love note Notice of Baggage Inspection. A leaflet/placard left in a passenger's checked baggage indicating the bag was opened up by the TSA in the bag room.
TSO Transportation Security Officer 
TT Trans Tasman, generally refers to flights between Australia and New Zealand
TTL Ticketing Time Limit
Type A certificates discount certificates (such as CS25s or Entertainment book coupons) that reduce the base fare of the ticket. Only one may be used per ticket. A Type A certificate may be used in combination with multiple Type B certificates.
Type B certificates vouchers (not coupons) such as VDB, IDB, and refaring refund certificates. They act like cash and do not reduce the base fare. More than one Type B voucher can be used as payment for a single ticket, and they may be used in combination with a single Type A certificate.
TZ American Trans Air