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Term Definition
R Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
RACK RATES The actual worth of a hotel room, which a company will then offer variations upon, such as corporate, extended stay, tourist and discount rates.
RAPC A feeling of furious anger when one does not get a promotional mail that everyone else seems to get.
RASM Revenue per Available Seat Mile
RBD Reservation booking designator (same as "fare class" - like W, V, Y, etc.)
RC Regency Club, a.k.a. Hyatt club lounge.
RCC United's Red Carpet Club. United Mileage Plus elite members can pass time in the Red Carpet Club instead of the standard airport terminal areas.
RCHHMP Royal Canadian High Horse Mounted Police
RDM Redeemable miles
RECIPROCAL When a partnership allows members from both programs to earn miles, redeem miles or do both on the partner airline.
Region 1 North and Central America, Hawaii, Mexico, and Caribbean
Region 2 Pretty much everything that's not Region 1
RETROACTIVE CREDIT Miles or points awarded to new members who may have flown or stayed previous to enrollment in a program. Requires proof of flight (boarding pass) or proof of stay (hotel receipt). Whether it is permitted and for what time period varies by program.
RFS Return Flight Saver
RG Varig
RI Revenue Involuntary;PALL Listcode for involuntary standby passenger due to OSO
Richard Anderson Delta CEO
RJ Regional Jet (also Royal Jordanian Airlines)
RLN Record Locator Number
RM Revenue Management
RMA RespectMaAuthoratay = Power tripping atitude by persons given more power than they can handle. Commonly displayed by the sameTSOone stripers who utterD-Y-W-T-F-T?
RO Tarom-Romanian Air Transport
ROFL / ROTFL Rolling On (The) Floor Laughing
ROFLMAO Internet lingo meaning "Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A$$ Off"
Roger acknowledgment used in radio communications (e.g., with control tower), confirming receipt of last message
ROH Run of the House (ROH). Room type to be determined upon your arrival.
roll Aircraft angle of rotation about longitudinal axis or motion about that axis; tilts wings left or right
Rollover Medallion Qualification Miles A unique feature of the Delta Air Lines SkyMiles frequent flier loyalty program where a surplus of orphan Medallion Qualification Miles beyond reaching a Medallion level in a given year are rolled over towards qualification for elite status for the next year. This benefit is available for Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Medallion members.
RON Remain Over Night
ROW Roswell Industrial Air Center, NM "the boneyard" where old aircraft go - formerly Walker Air Force Base
RPM Revenue Passenger Mile
RPU Delta's "Revenue Protection Unit"
RPU Regional Premier Upgrades (Related to the 2012 United Mileage Plus program). These upgrades are confirmable as early as time of ticketing on select United, Continental and Copa flights. You may know them currently as Regional Upgrades. A Premier member will earn two Regional Premier Upgrades when they reach 75,000 Premier qualifying miles (PQM) or 90 Premier qualifying segments (PQS), plus two more for each 25,000 PQM or 30 PQS thereafter. - Formerly known as CR1
RR Reconfirmed.
RS Reasonable Suspicion
RT Round Trip
RTW Round The World
RTW Round the World ticket package
Ruby Oneworld status tier positioned one step above entry level
Rule 240 Airline's domestic reaccommodation policy (AA: US, Canada, Puerto Rico, USVI)
Rule 80 Airline's international reaccommodation policy
RV Revenue Voluntary;PALL Listcode for voluntary standby passenger