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Term Definition
O Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
O&D Originations & Destinations.
O/D Origin/Destination
O/W One Way
OA Other Airline (AA policies)
OAG Official Airline Guide
OAL Other Airline
OCONUS Outside Continental United States
OFF-PEAK TRAVEL Travel at a particular time of year when airlines predict a lower demand for seats. This usually excludes the time surrounding major holidays. Airlines designate specific "peak" and "off-peak" dates, and many do not allow award travel during peak times.
OH, OHB OverHead Bin
OIS (FAA) Operational Information Systems
OK CSA - Czech Airlines
OLCI On Line Check In
OLCI Online Check In
OLTA Online Travel Agency
OMNI Off-topic member forum. Access is granted once the requirements for time in the forum and number of posts are met.
ONE-CLASS Usually associated with airline- and car-rental upgrades, allowing one level of service upgrade. For example, a one-class airline upgrade is from coach to business class; contrast this with a first-class upgrade, which jumps several classes of service from coach to first.
ONE-WAY (O/W) An itinerary which does not include a return flight to the point of origination.
ONLINE BONUSES Miles earned through Internet transactions, whether by purchasing tickets or items or logging activity on a specific Web site.
OP Original Poster or OnePass
OP-UP Short for operational upgrade. This is a type of upgrade that is awarded when coach is overbooked and they bump some passengers up to first class if there are any seats open. The pecking order starts with top elite members, etc.
OPEN JAW A roundtrip ticket that has three or more points of departure/arrival. For example, a routing from Chicago arriving in New York, which returns to Chicago from Boston. Open jaws are often allowed when flying on an award ticket and are often counted as a stopover.
OPM Other People's Money
ORC Original Routing Credit (on FlyerTalk)
OS Austrian Airlines
OSH FlyerTalk memberOfficial SkyMiles Helper, who has been appointed the only official representative of Delta Air Lines in the Delta forum on FlyerTalk
OSO Off-Schedule Operations (see IROPS / IRROPS)
OT Short for "Off Topic"
OTA Online Travel Agency
OTOH On The Other Hand
OU Croatia Airlines
OW Acronym that stands for the oneworld Alliance.
OWE Oneworld Explorer (RTW) fare - prefixed with cabin class code, followed by # of continents - e.g. DONE4
OX Holds confirmed as alternate. Cancel only if requested segment is available.
OZ Asiana Airlines