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Term Definition
L Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
LA IATA code for LATAM
LATINPASS In 2000, this Latin American airline alliance gained notoriety when it sponsored one of the most lucrative promotions to date. The promotion gave members the opportunity to earn one million miles for a minimal amount of partner usage. Frequent flyers recognized the value of the promotion immediately, and before long, LatinPass was overwhelmed by the number of participants, most of whom were members of the online forum FlyerTalk or had heard of the promotion from FlyerTalk. To this day, LatinPass is synonymous with irresistable, yet error-plagued promotions.
LCC Low Cost Carrier
LEAP CFM (GE-SNECMA) Leading Edge Aviation Propulsion high bypass turbofan to be used on the future AA 737 MAX
LEFT SEAT Pilot a.k.a. Captain
LEISURE RENTAL When a traveler pays non-corporate rates for a car rental, and thereby earns a different amount of miles than a corporate rate would earn.
LEO Law Enforcement Officer
LFBU Load Factor Based Upgrade sold at self-service check-in kiosk
LGA Liquids,Gels, andAerosols
LH Lufthansa Airlines. Also an abbreviation for "long haul".
LIFO Last In, First Out
LINKED ACCOUNTS When two members of a program earn miles into the same account or can transfer miles between their two separate accounts; usually involves an affinity card.
LL Add to waitlist.
LO Lot Polish Airlines
LOL Internet lingo meaning "Laugh(ing) Out Loud"
LONE Oneworld explorer ticket in Coach
LP Lan Peru
LRTC Less Room Throughout Coach. Refers to American AAdvantage adding seats back to Coach after removing 'rows' of seats and heralding the extra room with the MRTC (More Room Throughout Coach) marketing campaign.
LURKER A person who reads forums, but who does not post messages.
LUT Fares The lowest fare booking classes, which have only recently been admitted to the upgrade lottery unless you are somebodys companion, that is. On international flights, the upgrade window opens 12 hours after boarding time. Also known as(S)LUT Faresor.5LUT Fares.
LUV Used to denote Southwest Airlines / WN
LX Swiss International Air Lines.
LY El Al Israel Airlines