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Term Definition
I Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
i/O Invitation Only EKs most elite level, supposedly less than 250 members globally, and access is by invitation only. Entry requirements not published, but supposedly 50 sectors in F within 12-months. Membership valid for 2-years. No rules apply and each member has a personalised and dedicated toll-free number.
IANAL I Am Not A Lawyer
IAS Indicated Air Speed (in knots)
IATA International Air Transport Association (airlines' association, issue many pertinent rules)
IB Iberia Airlines
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization (regulates international air travel)
ICC International/Indian Call Centre (aka Pune/India)
ICE Immigration andCustomsEnforcement. Investigative unit of Immigration and Customs.
ICE EKs award winning inflight entertainment system (Information, Communications & Entertainment)
ICE Digital New widescreen version of ICE, with enhanced user interface
ID Identification
IDB Involuntarily Denied Boarding. Airline offers cash consolation.
IFE In Flight Entertainment
IFL International First Class Lounge
IFR Procedures for flying in IMC.
IFS International Flagship Service
IFSD In Flight Shut Down (usually relating to an engine)
IIRC Internet lingo meaning "If I Recall Correctly"
IJAIBB Internet lingo meaning "Its just another internet Bulletin Board".
IK Infant confirmed.
ILS Instrument Landing System (bad weather)
IM Inventory Management
IMC Instrument Meteorological Conditions
IME In My Experience
IMO Internet lingo meaning "In My Opinion." Sometimes expanded to IMHO -- "In My Humble Opinion."
IN If not holding, need. Passenger may already be holding space. Check for dupe reservation.
IN CONJUNCTION WITH The restriction which hotels and car rental agencies apply when awarding miles. For example, to accumulate Mexicana Frecuenta mileage for a stay at a Camino Real hotel, you must show your Mexicana boarding pass as proof of a flight within a certain time period (usually 24 hours) of the stay.
INCENTIVE MILES Miles purchased from an airline program by a company to be given to employees or customers as rewards.
INSPass A pre-applied for approved pass allowing expedited passage via US Customs and Immigration arrival lines.
IRROPS/IROPS Short for Irregular Operations, such as equipment change, ATC delay, flight cancellation, etc. How to pronounce? EAR-ROP or EYE-ROP ... speakers choice.
IRRRES or IXXRES Manual Reissue Desk
IS If not holding, sold. Passenger may already be holding. Check for dupe reservation.
ISIC International Student Identity Card (12 or older currently enrolled as a full-time degree-seeking student at an accredited institution)
ISP In-seat power
ITA ITAsoftware search enginefor airline itineraries (also Anti-Trust Immunity)
ITIC International Teacher Identity Card (Teaching > 18 hrs / wk at an accredited institution, min 1 yr employment.
ITN Internet Travel Network. An online resource for booking travel.
IYHO In Your Humble Opinion
IYTC International Youth Travel Card (age 12 - 25)