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Term Definition
H Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
HA Hawaiian Air Lines
Hardstand Common lingo used for aircraft and other heavy equipment that are parked for long periods. They have to park them on a "hardstand" which is an area with heavy reinforced pavement or concrete. Due to the weight of large aircraft they can't leave them on weaker asphalt or dirt areas for long periods of time. Usually a large concrete pad area.
HBO Hand baggage only
HCon Heathrow Connect
Heavy Larger aircraft (767, 777, 747, A330, A340, A380), also used by ATC for the 757 due to its wake turbulence and suffix to airline call signs that indicate such i.e., "American 1 Heavy"
HEX Heathrow Express
HHA House Hold Account
HHMD Hand-Held Metal Detector
HHOK Internet lingo meaning "Ha Ha Only Kidding"
Hidden city ticketing Booking itineraries with one or more connections and intentionally skipping final flight to achieve cost savings
HK Holds confirmed.
HK49s (note HK49s have been replaced by electronic CR-1s) -- United's confirmable North American upgrade certificates, good for travel within the 49 United States, the Caribbean, Canada or Mexico. This upgrade is not valid on flights to/from Hawaii, except when member is a resident of Hawaii. You may use Confirmed Systemwide Upgrades anywhere United flies.
HL Holds waitlist.
HN Have need on request.
HO Head Office (Donington Hall). Has also been used to describe members after DO's (Flyertalk Member Gatherings)
HoKeY Widely used term by CO fliers. These are the 3 coach fare codes that allow upgrades.
HOM House of Miles. This is the conceptual home of such travel ideas as FlyerTalk, BoardingArea, InsideFlyer magazine, milepoint and more. The address? 1930 Frequent Flyer Point, Colorado Springs, CO 80915.
HON Lufthansa HON Circle (*G with knobs on)
HOOU HOOU Have One On Us coupons, good for a free beverage on board.
HP America West Airlines
HS Sold.
HUACA Hang Up And Call Again
HUB Central airport where planes converge to transfer passengers; usually controlled by one or two airlines.
HUD Head-Up Display
HWMBO He who must be obeyed, i.e., significant other
HX Cancelled.
HYBRID CLASS A specialized class of service through which first-class service is provided for business-class fares.
HYDRAULIC good old hydraulic flight controls