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Term Definition
G Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
GA Gate Agent
Galileo Electronic reservations system used by many airlines and travel agents.
Gate Lice Passengers with low boarding priority who crowd the gate area before being called
GATEWAY AIRPORTS Domestic airports that are origination points for foreign destinations.
GAYLA A term coined by GLBT forum users for a GLBT led meetup. They are open to all, just started by the GLBT folks.
GC Galleries Club lounge
GCC Gulf Co-operation Council, a political and economic union of the Arab states bordering the Persian Gulf and located on or near the Arabian Peninsula
GCH Gold Card Holder
GDP Ground Delay Program - Program administered by ATC/ARTCC/FAA in order to regulate lower numbers of arrivals or departures to an airport. Issued on a airport specific basis generally for declining weather or for [expected] traffic congestion but may also extend after adverse whether due to aircraft logjam. Synonimus with "Flow". Also see "Ground Stop"
GDS Global Distribution Systems (airline ticketing systems)
GEX Gatwick Express
GF Global First
GFML Gluten-Free Meal(not available on all flights)
GGL Gold Guest List
Ghost destinations Nonexistent airports, e.g. for gate passes, including HDQ (AA-ville) and FSG (Sabre-ville)
GIDS Gate Information Display System
GK Global Services 1K - A UGS member who has also qualified for 1K status. Also - Holds confirmed. No teletype sent.
GL Holds waitlist. No teletype sent.
GLBT Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender
GLD AAdvantage Gold(mainly used on FlyerTalk; also AG)
GLON(2) An award valid for a six-night free stay in any Hilton HHonors family hotel [except Category 6 hotels, which require a GLONP(2).]
GLONP(2) An award valid for a six-night free stay at a Category 6 Hilton HHonors family hotel.
GM Delta Gold medallion, for members with at least 50,000 MQM's or 60 segments
GMT Greenwich Mean Time, used for some airline and military operations (see UTC, Zulu Time)
Gogo Inflight wi-fiprovider available on certain aircraft
Gold line Phone number for GLD elite members placing them higher in the queue to reach an AA customer service representative (not a separate desk)
Gold Medallion The lower-middle Elite status level of the Delta Air Lines SkyMiles program.
GP Global Services Premier Exec who has also qualified for 1P status
GP Gold Passport, the Hyatt frequent stay program.
GPR Gold Priority Reward
GPS Global Positioning System (satellite based navigation system)
GPU Global Premier Upgrade - Formerly known as SWU
Ground Stop No aircraft permitted into or out of airport. Almost always due to severe weather but could be temporarily shorter due to aircraft incident or accident or VIP-stuff [like POTUS]. ATC generally proceeds from Ground Stop to Flow/GDP to nothing "no program".
GS Global Services
GSC GroundSecurityCoordinator. Airline employee responsible for security in their area.
GTEM Going The Extra Mile - The title of a card that (some) MP members are issued to present to UA employees for exemplary service.
GTF Geared Turbo-Fan (e.g. Pratt & Whitney PW1000G)
GUC Global Upgrade Certificate
GUF2 Gold Upgrade For Two voucher
GUV Gold Upgrade Voucher (Single class upgrade voucher. 4 awarded to BD*G each year)
GV x Passengers must travel together, x = number of pax