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Term Definition
F Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
F9 Frontier Airlines
FA Flight Attendant
FAA Federal Aviation Administration (U.S.)
FAM Federal Air Marshall
FAMS Federal Air Marshal Service
FARE BASIS Determines how many miles or points are earned based on the fare paid. For example, to accumulate mileage on some airlines, you must pay a published full-fare rate; some programs do not award miles for highly discounted fares. Some hotels require that you pay corporate rates or higher to accrue points.
FARs Federal Aviation Regulations, frequently cited by FAs (and not always accurately)
FB  Freedom Baggie aka Kippie Bag, Kip Zips, Kip Quart Baggie, Kip Kwarts, etc. after Kip Hawley of KHIAI
FBL Fly By Light (fiber optic) flight controls
FBW Fly By Wire flight controls
FC FareCompare. First Class. Also an abbreviation used for Flying Colonel.
FCC Usually, Flight Connections Centre at London Heathrow Airport
FCM First Class Monetization (especially pertinent to Delta)
FCT Specific to Lufthansa, it refers to the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt.
FD Family Dollar ; Fuel Dumping
FEBO Front, Even; Back, Odd. Refers to how meal orders are SUPPOSED to be taken in premium classes. On even numbered flights, the FA(s) should start at the front of the cabin, and on odd numbered flights,
FF Frequent Flyer. Also VFF, a Very Frequent Flyer.
FFCC Applies to day of flight and when travelling on a First Class ticket (revenue or award), but holding a Business Class seat (due to no F seats in your booking class being available), folks on this list have priority to be assigned any available seats.
FFDO Federal Flight Deck Officer. An armed Pilot or First Officer.
FFP Frequent Flyer Program
FFS Food for Sale program in American Airlines domestic Coach
FHR the American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts benefit program available with Centurion and Platinum charge cards
FI Icelandair
FIM Flight Interruption Manifest
FIR Flight Information Region (used in air traffic control)
FL Flagship Lounge (or Flagship, contextual)
FL AirTran Airways
FLIFO Flight Info FlyerTalk Wiki entry
Flounge First Lounge or Galleries First lounge
Flow Program administered by ATC/ARTCC/FAA in order to regulate lower numbers of arrivals or departures to an airport. Issued on a airport specific basis generally for declining weather or for [expected] traffic congestion but may also extend after adverse whether due to aircraft logjam. Synonimus with "GDP". Also see "Ground Stop"
FM Shanghai Airlines
FO First Officer/Co-Pilot. Alternatively, Delta Silver Medallion, for members with at least 25,000 MQM's or 30 segments (this status was formerly called "Flying Orchid")
FOC This dreaded disease is considered contagious by members of frequent flyer programs who choose to redeem their miles and benefits for upgrades rather than free awards. The disease is FOC -- Fear of Coach.
FOP Form Of Payment
Forward Front of aircraft
FOS Flight Operations Systems
FOUO For Official Use Only. Another variety of unclassified but not for public information.
FQTR Frequent Traveler Redemption (on BA)
FQTU Frequent Traveler automated cabin upgrade request
FQTV Frequent Traveler (on BA)
FR Financial Review
FREQUENT BUYERS Frequent-traveler program members who earn most of their miles or points from credit card purchases or partner services as opposed to flying.
FS FlightStats
FS Four Seasons Hotel chain
FSD Federal Security Director
FT FlyerTalk
Fter A member of Flyer Talk
FTL Lufthansa Frequent Traveller (*S)
FULL FOLIO When a hotel program awards miles based on the amount spent for all hotel charges, including room service, gift shop purchases and like expenses.
FWIW Internet lingo meaning "For What It's Worth"