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Term Definition
D Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
DAL Some FlyerTalk members refer to Delta Air Lines based on the official New York Stock Exchange ticker symbol assigned to its stock.
DBC Denied Boarding Compensation
DBML Diabetic Meal (not available on all flights)
DC Diamond club
DC9 McDonnell Douglas DC-9
DELFT HOUSES Small Bols filled Delft pottery row houses offered by KLM to International business passengers since 1952. There are 83 in the set. KLM has an active trading mart for these on their website.
Deltalina Katherine Lee, the flight attendent in the safety video
DEQM Double Elite Qualifying Miles - A UA promotion where double the usual number of EQMs are awarded.
DEQS Elite Qualifying Segments - A UA promotion where double the usual number of EQSs are awarded.
DFS Duty Free Shopping (also name of global duty free shops chain)
DFSD Deputy Federal Security Director
DHG Diamond Hat Guy
DHS Department of Homeland Security (U.S.)
Direct Flight A flight that is sold as A->C but in reality is A->B B->C. Buyer beware!
DIRECT FLIGHT This is a tricky one. The term "direct flight" can actually be applied to any routing that maintains the same flight number throughout the entire course of the routing, even if the routing contains enroute stops or requires a change of airplane. Strange but true.
DJ Virgin Blue
DL Delta Air Lines
DM Departure Management Waitlist. Generally goes into effect around four hours before flight departure. All folks still on the PA/PB/PD waitlist are put on the DM and sorted by status, then fare basis, and then time added. As you check-in, you are formally added to the DM, so checking in earlier is better.
DM Delta Diamond medallion, for members with at least 125,000 MQM's or 140 segments
DM List Departure Management list. Used by airlines at gate to determine and allocate upgrades.
DO (or DOO) A widely used term for large get togethers/parties/meetups. In general the term is reserved for larger gatherings of 12 of more members.
DONE Oneworld explorer ticket in Business
Donington bmi HQ, Donington, Derbyshire, England
DOT Department of Transportation (U.S.)
DOUBLE DIP When a partner hotel stay or flight accrues miles or points into a member's accounts with both partners.
Double upgrade The rare occurence where you are booked in Y, and find a way to upgrade to C and then again (almost always via op-up) to F/P. A rare but happy occurrence!
Downgrade When a passenger who was upgraded is told that they are no longer upgraded (or they find out at the gate about it) because of either a plane switch (so less upgradable seats) or other factors. Affected passengers are due a downgrade kit, and the contents of this can be searched out on FT as well.
DP Data Point
Drink Chits A coupon valid for one free (or prepaid) alcoholic beverage on that airline's flight. In the case of United Airlines, the coupon may be valid in a Red Carpet Club airport lounge instead of during a flight.
DS Deferred segment, open segment. No message sent.
DSR PALL List code for passenger desiring to purchase next higher class of service
DXB Airport code for Dubai International Airport
DYKWIA Do You Know Who I Am?
DYKWIA Acronym - Do/Don't You Know Who I Am?
DYWTFT "Do you want to fly today?"