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Term Definition
C Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
C&M Cash & Miles (Mileage Redemption)
C01 C17 Child passenger and age code
C1 CapitalOne or Capital One
CA Air China
CAPACITY CONTROLS The process airlines, hotels and car rental agencies use to allocate awards depending on actual vs. anticipated demand. Capacity controls are intended to control the economics of frequent flyer programs.
CAS Crew Alerting System (in aircraft cockpit)
CASM Cost per Available Seat Mile
CATSA CanadianAirTransportSecurityAuthority
CB Cumulonimbus clouds
CBP Customs andBorderProtection. Border patrol and customs/immigration officers at ports of entry.
CC Credit Card
CCR Concorde Room
CE Club Europe (Short haul business class)
CERTIFICATE An award voucher, which a member must present to the redeeming company, such as a car rental company or hotel, or must exchange for an airline ticket.
CFC Same Day Confirmed Flight Change
Chautauqua Airlines An Orlando-based regional subsidiary of Delta Air Lines.
Cheatline the colored line often extending down the fuselage or an aircraft
CHECK-IN To confirm intent to board a previously booked flight by showing a ticket to an airline representative either at the ticket counter, curbside baggage check-in or departure gate.
Churn Refers to applying for a given credit card repeatedly to get the same sign-up bonus multiple times, or to applying for different credit cards one after another to get sign-up bonuses that add up. By extension, it could also mean doing anything that earns points/miles repeatedly.
CI China Airlines
CIP Cabin Improvement Program (Refitting an aircraft cabin with updated seats, etc.)
CIR Circle Pacific, class precedes, MPM follows, e.g. DCIR22
Circle Pacific a discounted oneworld product allowing that routing
City Pairs Airports considered the same for fare construction purposes
CL Credit Limit
CLASS OF SERVICE BONUS Many airlines add 50% or 100% or more extra miles to your account when flying in paid Business or First Class.
CLASS OF SERVICE/TRAVEL Usually refers to airline travel; indicates the level of travel, size of seat and surrounding area, cabin position and amenities offered. Generally first class (F), business class (C) and coach (Y).
CLI Credit Limit Increase
CMT Check My Trip
CO Continental Airlines
Co-terminals Airports considered the samefor standby and similar procedures
CoC ContractofCarriage
COCB Carry Over Carry Back
CODESHARING When one airline provides connecting service under another carrier's name. Both airlines' codes appear in reservation systems and on tickets. Codeshare flights often accrue mileage.
Comair British Airlines franchisee based in South Africa
COMMON CARRIER Any company engaged in the transport of people or goods for profit.
COMPANION TICKET A free or discounted ticket for another person flying with a traveler who has purchased a ticket.
ConciergeKey / CK Invitation-onlypremium servicefor the most valued AA customers
CONFIRMATION An oral or written acknowledgment of a booking, subject to certain conditions.
CONFIRMED UPGRADE Guarantees an upgrade to a higher class of service prior to travel.
CONGA LINE A Conga Line is a thread in which members help each other by lending their referrals for a select promotion. Most promotions that offer a bonus for referring a friend will have a corresponding Conga Line thread.
CONNECTION Changing to a different airplane en route to the final destination. Actual mileage, connection bonuses and segment promotion credits are earned only if the connecting flight number is different from the originating flight number.
CONSOLIDATED MILEAGE MANAGERS A service provided by a variety of travel- and financial-related Internet companies whereby miles and points accrued in several programs are listed in one account statement.
CONUS Continental United States (contiguous 48 states)
COS Class Of Service(referring to cabin service class)
COS CustomerOfSize a.k.a. Person Of Size
CP Companion Pass
CP or C/P Security Checkpoint
CPM Cost Per Mile
CPMQM "Cost per MQM" or "Cents per MQM", used by mileage runners to determine how good of a deal a Mileage Run is.
CPU Complementary Premier Upgrades
CR Credit Report
CR-1 United's confirmable North American upgrade certificates, good for travel within the 49 United States, the Caribbean, Canada or Mexico. This upgrade is not valid on flights to/from Hawaii, except when member is a resident of Hawaii. You may use Confirmed Systemwide Upgrades anywhere United flies.
CR7/CR9 Larger Canadair Regional Jets that have F cabins
CRC Crown Room Club -- the airport lounge program for Delta Air Lines.
CRJ Canadair Regional Jet
CRM Crew Resource Management / Cockpit Resource Management (cockpit crew collaboration process)
CRS A Computerized Reservation System. It is any of several proprietary computer systems allowing real-time access to airline fares, schedules, and seating availability and offering the capability of booking reservations and generating tickets.
CS Short for Customer Service. Add an "A" or an "R" and you've got Customer Service Agent or Customer Service Rep.
CS25 / CS 50 / etc. Discount certificates (Type A) that are given to customers as a customer service.
CSA Customer Service Agent
CSD Cabin Service Director
CSM Cabin Service Manager
CSR Customer Service Representative
CTOs Acronym for City Ticket Office. These ticketing offices for airlines are not located at airports and are not directly associated with a travel agency. They are directly sponsored by the airline itself.
CW Club Word (Long haul business class)
CX Cathay Pacific Airways
CZ China Southern Airlines