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Upcoming Europe itinerary


After receiving such great comments and suggestions when I was trying to decide between Montreal and Toronto, I thought I'd try my luck here again on an upcoming European itinerary.

I'm going to fly in (via CO) to AMS and out of FRA, but while in the area we thought that we would go and see the BMW plant in MUC, travel to either PRG, BRU or ZRH, spend our last weekend in BER and then take an early-morning flight on Sunday from BER to FRA for our return.

So, my question--which would you suggest between PRG, BRU, ZRH or VIE as our mid-week destination? We're looking for quality of the city not just night life. We're probably going to go with another couple, so hotel and city suggestions in PRG, BRU, ZRH, VIE, BER and MUC would all be great.

Thanks again--especially to those of you who made the incredible suggestions in YUL!

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ZRH is an interesting city, but I don't think I'd recommend it as a destination on a trip like this. It can be a little uptight. Though I do love the "airport by bang and olufsen".

I haven't been to PRG but everyone I know who has recommends it 100%. History, culture, nightlife, and maybe you'll even get lucky and run into William Higgins on one of his frequent filming exhibitions around the city.

-alan in seattle
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That's a lot of travelling! I haven't been to every city on your itenerary, but I can share some experiences:

If you have the inclination to want to see the BMW factory in MUC, then by all means see the Deutsches Museum. This is the German science and technology museum and is huge! If you don't tire easily, you could easily spend the full day there. It's not that far from the, er, nightlife either.

BRU is a "nice" city, NATO headquarters and all that, but I wouldn't call it exciting. Kind of like the Toronto of Europe.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">So, my question--which would you suggest between PRG, BRU, ZRH or VIE as our mid-week destination? We're looking for quality of the city not just night life.</font>
Prague is so very lovely, but it's like a museum - not much happening, and you have to be careful - personally, I was there in 1992, and I got drugged having a glass of wine in a wine bar in a residential area("vinarnia" I believe is the Czech word). Everyone should go once, though, simply because it's so incredibly well-preserved and European. In planning your trip, be mindful of the recent flooding. Gay-wise, don't expect much.

Berlin is a BIG blast, you'll love it - that's on my short list of favorite cities anywhere - great museums, arts galore, great food - would love to go back.

Haven't been to the others, but have heard they're all a little tame. Assuming you want some place engaging and interesting AND gay-friendly, 1. do Brussels - food is probably best there, along with people with jobs and money to support an interesting scene; or if you have flexibility as to cities, 2. Hamburg or Budapest.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by BNAtraveller:

...So, my question--which would you suggest between PRG, BRU, ZRH or VIE as our mid-week destination? We're looking for quality of the city not just night life....
IMHO, there are no bad choices among your list of four cities; they all have their charms. I have been to all of them, and I would rank ZRH last (es tut mir leid , Rudi ); it seems to have less of interest to a tourist than than the other cities. ZRH works best as a starting/ending point for a trip to the Alps.

Prague has a well-deserved reputation as a great tourist destination. But as an earlier poster mentioned, review current information about the effect of the floods on the tourist sites. If the central city areas are operating at near-normal levels, then I would rate PRG as #1 on your list. And it's an easy train ride to Berlin.

But BRU is great for a few days too!! The food, beer, and chocolate are almost enough to make that my #1 choice . Also, from BRU you can take a one-hour train ride to Brugges, for a day trip to what is perhaps the best-preserved Medieval city in Europe.

Of course, Vienna is also charming, friendly, and well worth a visit. But I would save that for a future trip to Europe. Among your four choices, I would visit Prague, assuming it is ready for tourists again.

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