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gay bars in dubai

hello all.. was in dubai ahile ago and ended up in a few bars which were gay friendly. Going back their again and cant remember the names of them... can any one help me out?
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There are no official gay bars in Dubai - though one of the hotels (I can't remember which one) by the Corniche had a gay night (the Hyatt?) .

Your best best is to try the local internet sites and connecting with people. When I mean internet sites - there are a few that pass though the UAE censors. The popular european and american ones are all blocked.

Most gay life is very underground - restricted to expat compounds and private homes.

If you are flying EK - the cabin steward (if you ask discreetly) can be very, very helpful. 90% of the male ones are all gay.
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I was under the impression that there should be one in every corner.
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I agree with the suggestion to ask one of the male FA's on EK (if you're flying). I have met a few of them over the years and they are all very much knowledgeable about anything gay in Dubai, since there is very little of it to know...

The things that I can vaguely remember from guy that I met earlier this year - hopefully someone else can fill in the details:

As noted there is one hotel who has an unofficial "gay night" once a week. For some reason, the Crowne Plaza comes to mind. This is mostly filled with EK cabin crew, gay expats and the few tourists/businessmen in the know.

Also, word is that Jules bar at Le Meridien has a very gay crowd - if you google it, you'll see a number of references.

Other than those tips, it's a pretty un-gay city. There biggest gay meeting place is, by far, the Internet. Gayromeo.com is more of the standard there and there are lots of guys who are happy to give you advice, just meet for a drink, or more... You may run into an issue accessing it, however, due to the UAE firewall ("censorwall"). I stay at the Grand Hyatt, which, thankfully, somehow gets around it.
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I also just remembered that I read a Dubai travel article in Out Traveler last year. Here is the link:


Page two has two nightlife suggestions, but admits that they are probably out of date at the time of press due to the changing nature of the gay scene there. The rest of the article is interesting, though.
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The gay bar I know of dubai when I was last there was Jules bar within the Meridien Village across from the airport..thur and fri night were the weekend nights as it were. It 'turns' more gay as the residents go to bed...defo 10-1030 onwards. Discretion needed in that single non-white men (ie phillipino) have been turned away by the 'security' (although it is easy to get into Jules thro back walkways anyway). Eye contact is your friend!

Link to the hotel: http://www.lemeridien-dubai.com/?PS=...rence_05/04/10
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Is it totally prudent to advertise the names of gay bars in Dubai?

While it has a reputation for being generally quite tolerant to those who are discreet, is less likely to tolerate an overt and well-advertised on the travel websites "gay friendly" bar.

I would imagine those who live there would prefer a "word-of-mouth" culture to be perpetuated; asking one of the better groomed flight attendants is a good suggestion, and who knows what that might lead to
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Do-buy Dumbai

For those going to DO-BUY, I thought I'd mention that there are more foreigners in DO-BUY, than there are local arabs from the UAE. If you are looking to Arabs/Middle easterners, you might as well head to Cairo or Beirut.

Most of the people you will meet will come from India, and the neighboring Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. A lot of folks from India, so much so, the I've heard the term "Dumbai" - with a reference to Mumbai being used.

Back in the day, (3 years ago) there used to be a sizable brit / european population, but since the last recession most of these people have gone home. Everyone lives in their own little community, so if you can get invited or know someone who is gay and lives in Dubai (with an in), it can be a lot of fun. All behind closed doors of course.

I highly recommend travelling to Do-buy on Emma Ritz. The self service bar on board (or lounge if you are on a A380) is quite the gay bar
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Gay nightlife in Dubai??

Hi Guys,

Im travelling to Dubai in a couple days and was wondering if anyone can shed some light as to gay scene/clubs/bars in Dubai.

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