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Tegel Airport Security - a theraputic rant!

Tegel Airport Security - a theraputic rant!

Old Dec 2, 18, 8:55 am
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Tegel Airport Security - a theraputic rant!

Flying back from TXL tonight. way out was lovely, super fast through fast track (2 minutes) , quick tasty lunch on lounge and prompt arrival in TXL on Friday.

Coming back we had a great time in lounge (personally one of my favourites due to beer range and unusual food) and then went to gate security 40 minutes before boarding was scheduled to begin.

It was slowest security experience ever (border and security in one spot) with a single scanner covering two gates and four london flights. There were 6 staff on the scanner chatting, no information ahead of time about what was needed to be in scanner and nowhere to prepare trays before you got to the scabner itself.

Every time the alarm went (usually every other passenger) the whole thing ground to a halt as the staff seemed determined to find the slightest hint of rule breaking. (eg I had to show my water bottle was empty). Even the gate staff were held up for nearly 10 minutes waiting to get through.

By the time we got through they were well onto Group 2 boarding. We're now stuck waiting though as everyone in the incredibly long line behind us is still waiting to clear security.

The sheer 'couldnt give a ....'attitude of the staff was appalling, as was the total lack of urgency - it seemed more important for the staff to gossip among themselves than bring passengers through.

So BA top marks, TXL null points! Is there a worse first world airport security experience out there?
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Old Dec 2, 18, 8:59 am
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Old Dec 2, 18, 9:06 am
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Airberlin had issues with the Tegel ground staff as well right up until the end.
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Manchester may be a grim, nigh-on Stalinist experience, but at least they do actively work at being unpleasant instead of (as reported here) standing aside and letting entropy do the nasty work instead.
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Yep, the Berlin security personnel have never come across as particularly customer service-orientated! Interested on your comments on the Terraces lounge in TXL. What do you mean by interesting food? Isn't it just pre-packaged, supermarket-esque sandwiches and a few snacks in a bowl?
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Originally Posted by no2blues View Post
Not necessarily bad staff at MAN in my opinion, though. The pax there seem particularly incompetent. I only fly to a few other airports in the UK (LON for the most part) but I find the pax there much more travel-savvy.

On topic: Airport security is TXL is generally terrible. But is is possible to save some time by going through security at a different gate? For instance, I believe A04, A05, and A06 share the same secure area. Suppose my flight is out of A05 and the security line there is huge. Wouldn't it make sense the to go through security at A04 or A06, provided lines there are shorter?

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We leave this thread here - the focus (amongt other aspects) is on security in TXL.
Post discussing where this thread fits best have been deleted.

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TXL has a big problem finding staff for their security check and the majority of the A gates only have one lane open as a result. The great layout of this 1974 airport has this one bad aspect: you need far more security checkpoints.

You only get 13€/h... https://de.indeed.com/Jobs?q=Sicherh...24da0336300621
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Old Dec 7, 18, 5:47 am
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As was mentioned upthread - you need to be a bit clever about how you approach the security process at TXL. I have been flying into this airport several times a month until I moved to Berlin a few years ago. Check what other flights are going from your gate(s), or see if your gate is connected to another entrance.

A good example is A00 and A01, which are connected behind security. My UA flight to EWR yesterday was a complete pain as premier passengers naturally use A00, which has only one security line, and A01 has two. The trouble is most status passengers are in the lounge and come down at the last minute, whereas economy and non-status passengers have mostly already been processed, leading to a virtually empty A01 line, and a packed A00. It didn't help that the entire flight and cabin crew decided to butt in.
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I once met the CIO of Munich Airport and he said that he has a very high respect for the TXL management and staff that they are able to keep this sh**hole running and from falling completely apart. But I agree TXL is completely outdated, way over capacity and no match for any modern airport.
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Frankfurt isn't much better, even on a good day. Dreadful place. Again, I find it amazing that such places exist in such a country as Germany. On the other hand, I find Düsseldorf and Nuremberg very good.
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Originally Posted by Concerto;30576346/
I find Düsseldorf very good.
Not always.... Often it's hell, especially if you are one of the poor devils in the regular line at the A-gates.
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It does have its advantages, when you’re flight is cancelled and there is only 10 minutes before the previous departure they can get you on it no problem which saves so much hassle. And your bags make it too.
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How does that work? It sounds a bit too good to be true.
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Today was miserable, my worst experience at TXL to date. Half lanes open only and the most disinterested staff I have ever seen. One staff was cleaning his coffee thermostat instead of checking luggages. The man in charge of handling trays and checking them before X Ray should not be in a customer facing job. He refuses to scan the BP of all passengers. As the scanner are on the surface where the tray are, lots of confusing passengers trying to understand what to do. I arrived at the gates 60 minutes before departure, it took 70 minutes to go through.
Thanks to LH to hold the flight.
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