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ma3cobb Feb 15, 11 10:30 pm

Is dual citizenship a possability?!?
My grandfather was full blooded German, but born in America. His parents and grand parents all married German, but where all born in America. His great grand parents were the last ones actually born in Germany. Would duel citizenship be a possibility for me, even if our family came over to america in the mid to late 1800s? or is the time line to far back to claim ancestry even though the line of German blood was never broken?


Flying Lawyer Feb 16, 11 1:10 am

It is not about the time line or (whatever this shall be) "German blood": None of your parents were German, obviously nobody living could become German because his/her parents were German and you were not born in Germany. So I would say (without guarantee): No.

flyingfkb Feb 16, 11 11:59 am

Welcome to flyertalk ma3cobb.

Dual citizienship is discussed in detail in this thread

Please read it first. Thank you.

Also did anyone of your parents have German citizienhsip? Yes/No? If no, no German citizienship for you. Bloodline is irrelevant. Simple as that.

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