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sard Oct 11, 10 2:02 pm

Taxis in Stuttgart? (easy to get?)
I will be arriving at Stuttgart airport late on a Saturday night and will be staying in: Mercure Hotel Stuttgart Sindelfingen an der Messe
Schwertstr. 65 71065 SINDELFINGEN - GERMANY.

According to the website, it is only about 13km from the airport.

Also my office (EHNINGEN, BW 71139) is about 10 minutes away from the hotel.

Will it be easy to get:
taxi from airport to hotel
taxi from hotel to office
taxi from office to hotel
taxi from hotel to airport

Im used to taxis in NYC, where anywhere in Manhattan you can easily get a taxi.


Flying Lawyer Oct 11, 10 2:25 pm

The Daimler Victoria the world's first meter-equipped (and gasoline-powered) taxicab was built by Gottlieb Daimler in 1897. And from your hotel to Daimler's workshop in Cannstatt, it is only a short hop.

Having said this: Yes, they alsways had and still have taxis there, not a problem. :p

xvimbi Oct 11, 10 2:31 pm

In Germany, you can't hail taxis as easily as in NYC. You'll probably have to go to the designated taxi stands. However, these are usually well marked. You can also simply contact the hotel and inquire about transport options. Generally, any hotel will arrange taxi service, and many have shuttle services, like in the US. Cheers! MM

sard Oct 11, 10 2:39 pm

Thank you for the information.

Some of the recent places I've been to for work (Dallas and RTP) there have been no taxis to be seen.

Even in NY, you see taxis everywhere in Manhattan, but once you go into the other 4 boroughs (Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bronx) there are no taxis to be seen.

xvimbi Oct 11, 10 3:19 pm

Both at DFW and RDU (and many other places) you need to go to the taxi operators (or call one if after hours) to get a taxi. They don't just wait at the curb. Space is at a premium. MM

roesner Oct 11, 10 4:52 pm

Having just been at this particular hotel, I can confirm that the front desk will call you a taxi upon request.
At the airport there will be taxis waiting.
At the office the lobby will be able to request a taxi for you.

Both at the hotel and the office it will only take minutes as they do it all the time.

Safe travels.

flyingfkb Oct 12, 10 2:18 am

In case you need a cab, the number of the dispatch in Stuttgart is 0711-55 10 000. In Sindelfingen, Ehingnen it is 07031 – 19 410.

At the hotel the staff can call a taxi for you. The best is to preorder the cab because you are probably not the only one in the morning who needs a cab. Just ask the hotel staff.

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