Status Matching in Person Wyndham to Ceasars

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Status Matching in Person Wyndham to Ceasars

Hey guys,

I got an upcoming trip to Vegas this week and will be staying at Ceasars Palace. Has anyone status matched in person? I would try to do it online but Iím worried it would take a while for it to happen and lose out on some of the perks of my trip. I also already have Wyndham Diamond so thatís one less step I would need to take.

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I've never heard or seen data points of anyone doing it in person. AFAIK, it needs to be done online so that Wyndham corporate can send your info to CET and then they would have to approve it. I would assume if you do it in person, CET rep would tell you that you need to do it online or contact Wyndham as they have no access to your Wyndham account. Vice versa, same could be said if a CR member went to a Wyndham property and tried to do the same thing, don't think it would work.

Not to sound like a broken record, but why wait till such a last minute to do the match? Best advice, suggest you try to do the match online ASAP and contact Wyndham to see if they can help you expedite it. I've heard of people sometimes getting matched in as fast as 2 days. I've also seen someone match online and after following up with Wyndham, they spoke to a CSM at the CR desk when they were on property to verify if CET has received the match yet. If they have, they can approve it in their system. But be advised, no matter what you do this late in the game, the $100 celebration dinner may not load into your account in time for you to use for this week. There has been a few reports of people receiving it immediately or a day or 2 later. But many reports indicate it takes a few days and up to a week to load into your account. YMMV.

Good luck!
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