Uncluttering Frontier's website

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Uncluttering Frontier's website

I wanted to book award flights to use up my remaining miles. But I couldn't stand the clutter of the new site layout. So I wrote a quick Tampermonkey script to chop off everything that I didn't want to see. It worked well enough to let me explore the schedule and find the flights I wanted. After that, I turned off the script to book the flights (just in case )

For anyone still flying Frontier regularly enough to get frustrated by the big banner image or anyone who can't stand bad website design, here's the script:

// ==UserScript==
// @name Un-busy Frontier's website
// @namespace http://nobody.nowhere.com/
// @version 0.1
// @description Removes all extraneous elements from Frontier's website
// @match https://*.flyfrontier.com/*
// @copyright 2014, [email protected]
// @grant GM_addStyle
// ==/UserScript==
var div;
div = document.getElementsByClassName("header-container")[0];
if (div) {div.style.display = "none";}
div = document.getElementsByClassName("corp-barclays-banner")[0];
if (div) {div.style.display = "none";}
div = document.getElementsByClassName("corp-images-container")[0];
if (div) {div.style.display = "none";}
div = document.getElementsByClassName("footer")[0];
if (div) {div.style.display = "none";}
div = document.getElementsByClassName("container breadcrumb-container group")[0];
if (div) {div.style.display = "none";}
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Wow, if you hate Frontier's website you probably absolutely abhore the average news website, which has multiple videos (which start up without your permission) banner ads on all sides of the text and the bottom nagivation menu.

I do have to admit on those sites, I do use adblocker so the videos don't start.
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