Frontier to start selling beverages...

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Frontier to start selling beverages...

Starting July 1 Frontier will begin selling sodas and juices for $1.99 along with bottomless coffee and tea for the same price. Fresh food will be discontinued and snack options will be increased. There are free beverages for FF and certain tickets. I cant find a link but the info came from the company so if someone finds one please post!

The continued downward spiral....
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Discussed here:
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You are probably better off to buy a 20 oz bottle of soda in the airport, at a cost of $2-$3 than you are to pay $2 for a can of soda, just on a cost per ounce basis. Also, I think it is a good way protest to this. If nobody buys on board, it may help all airlines to rethink this.

However, in Frontier's defense, I am frequently finding that Frontier's classic ticket price is less than Southwest's. The free change feature is not quite as good as Southwest's in that you don't get TTF credit when the price goes down on the same flight or an alternate flight, but you do get unlimited free changes otherwise. Even if you add the cost of soda and make adjustments for the value of SWA RR points vs ER miles, Frontier's ticket price is still often cheaper.

Also, on a recent flight for me, I was able to upgrade to STRETCH seating for $10, compared to buying early bird for $12.95 at Southwest. The STRETCH seating upgrade comes with an upgrade from a higher zone number to zone 1, thus making it comparable to Southwest early bird ... except that you also get more leg room and in one case for me, an open middle seat. Frontier, with STRETCH seating and an open middle is first class comfort -- minus the free drinks of course.

Now, if only Frontier could be on-time more often!
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